Specto is joining Sentry!

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3 min readNov 23, 2021


Today we’re excited to announce that Specto has been acquired by Sentry! The past two and a half years have been an incredible journey, full of learning and building. None of this would have been possible without our amazing team of absolutely brilliant engineers, our loyal set of customers and their feedback, our investors and everyone else that has helped us along the way.

Indragie and I met at Facebook while working on mobile performance. At a company of Facebook’s size the challenges are unique and they come earlier than at most other companies. With that insight we decided to build a comprehensive mobile performance platform for everyone. Something that hasn’t been done before, something that will bring next-level insights to mobile developers everywhere. We raised a seed round from some great investors, people that believed in us from our first meeting and that helped us along the way with the many challenges that we faced. It took us some time to hire the right people but it was well worth it. Having a team of such experts in the field and people passionate about performance in general is what allowed us to build Specto as it is today. The company, team and product were built almost entirely during the pandemic and completely remotely. The acquisition itself was also done 100% remotely.

The journey is far from over for Specto. The team and the product will live on under the umbrella of Sentry and keep serving our existing customers as well as many new ones that Sentry is bringing to the table. We will keep hiring passionate performance experts, and yes, remotely!

Like Sentry, Specto is an engineering-driven company and we believe in serving developers. The difference is that Specto is at the beginning of its journey while Sentry has been at it for some time. There are a lot of lessons already learned and by joining forces it will allow us to accelerate the distribution of our platform and offer a more complete solution to more companies, quicker. Nothing feels better than more and more customers using the product you were building for years. The products are symbiotic as well. At Specto we built a powerful profiler for mobile apps but to properly serve our customer we have to build metrics, analytics, crash reporting… all areas where Sentry is already invested. The match is near perfect.

We are so excited to continue building under Sentry and with all the experience and knowledge of the Sentry team! We can’t wait to start working with the amazing go-to-market team, product and of course engineering.

I’d like to thank everyone that was part of the Specto journey and the Sentry team for bringing us in with such warmth and enthusiasm. The journey has only started 🚀