Goodbye, sweet dream…

Written by Alexandru Badea

This is not supposed to be a farewell, but a rebirth. It is not supposed to be sad, but empowering. It is supposed to continue our vision. On April 15th, 2015, SPECTRUMM was born. It was not easy at first. It was not easy finding the right team, it was not easy writing our first articles, designing and publishing the website, as well as our first issue. It was not easy, but we still did it. I believe, that during these past years, we have achieved amazing things, but it is time to grow, and for a publication that is one of the core values. Sadly, the current format of SPECTRUMM did not allow us to do that. We live in a society, where printed media is slowly dying, and our efforts to save printed publications were simply not enough. Even though we loved creating analog content, people do not read it as much as they did in the past. So we had to change: our approach, our vision and our content. And in our search for an alternative, we created OFFENSIVE, a bold, beautiful and visionary online publication that is built upon our liberal and tolerant values. Unfortunately, that means that SPECTRUMM will have to disappear, in order for OFFENSIVE to bloom. This is why, we will have to tell SPECTRUMM goodbye, forever.

On this website you can browse through all the articles we have published on our blog as well as through our past issues, which sum up almost two years of our existence. If you would like to read our nine issues, you can do so by clicking the links below:










All issues can be purchased at:

Our apps will continue to work as well:



We, Alexandru Badea, Raluca Barbu, Arina Bartha, Stefan Hadar, Alexandra Muntean, Oana Neagoe, Teodora Nechita, Alexander Schebesch, as well as our numerous guest editors and our teachers of English, Anca Suciu and Cristina Varga, who have guided us during this journey, thank you for supporting us throughout all these years. See you over at OFFENSIVE.

A final photo of us from 2016, but, alas, without Arina Bartha.
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