A Musical Friendship

Written by Stefan Hadar

Deepcentral is a Romanian dance band consisting of Doru Todorut and George Calin. The band was founded in 2009 and they released their first single entitled “Cry It Away” which was a massive hit in Romania. The second one, “Russian Girl” also had international success, mostly from Russia. At the beginning of the year 2010, the band announced their upcoming song “In Love” which was the most played song on the Bulgarian radios.

In the beginning, Deepcentral consisted actually only of George Calin. He had some demos and wanted to send them to a famous record label and he came up with the name minutes before sending them. The next year a friend of his introduced him to Doru and they started producing together. Fun fact, it took them a couple of years to realize that they are actually a band.

Luckily, George Calin was nice to answer some questions for us. When we asked him where would he see himself now if he wouldn’t have been in the music industry, he said that most probably he would have been an accountant or something because he studied economics. But also, probably a bad one. He thinks that working with female vocalists is challenging and fun. They worked with some of the best vocalists around an they’ll continue doing so in their future songs whenever they think it’s neccesary. Unfortunately Eurovision is not really one of their interests so far, especially because of the way this contest is treated in Romania, but he’s proud of Doru’s results in the National Selection. He advises young artists to stick true to their passion and warns them that there are more hills to climb that they would imagine.

Listen to Deepcentral’s latest single Dependent!

This article was featured in our 8th issue.