A Change of Perspective
Note from the editor

A change of perspective: different, visual and beautiful, SPECTRUMM covers almost all subjects of your daily life, from travel to fashion, culture to life, entertainemnt to technology. Launched in April 2015, SPECTRUMM is a bi-monthly magazine and is one of the few Romanian publications, being written in English, engaging not only with the local audience, but also with readers from over 70 countries. SPECTRUMM combines dynamic content with interesting topics, providing a fresh and different perspective of the world, as we experience it today. Founded by Alexandru Badea (former Editor-In-Chief), Arina Bartha, Stefan Hadar, Oana Neagoe, Teodora Nechita, Alexander Schebesch and joined later by Raluca Barbu and Alexandra Muntean. The former editorial board has parted ways with SPECTRUMM, but their legacy continues under a new talented and amazing team.

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