Build bridges, not walls.

Alexandru Badea
Apr 22, 2017 · 4 min read

Written by Alexandra Muntean

One day I want to be a president. A lot of little girls have this dream, but will they ever be able to achieve it or will they endlessly be considered inferior to men? We tell them about the success of gender equality, but this year’s election proves otherwise.

The new presidential elections have turned the USA upside down. All because of the controversial campaign of the famous Donald Trump and his harassing statements on the position of women in society. The way he speaks of women is unacceptable, but unfortunately overseen by most of America. Despite his brutal and sexist statements, thanks to the USA Voting System, the presidency belongs to him. However, that doesn’t mean nobody will question his ways or stand up against him.

The chain of action started on 21 January with women going out in the streets to fight for their rights again. The worldwide protest was caused by Donald’s Trumps intentions on attacking the human rights conventions, especially the women rights, LGBT Rights and racial equality, religion freedom, freedom of speech and workers’ rights. The march also aimed to prevent the Healthcare, Abortion and the Immigration reform. The protest wanted to send a message to the new administration on their first day of office: “Human rights are women rights”.

The movement was similar to the Tea party movement right before Barack Obama’s inauguration. It all started as a Facebook event, created by Teresa Shook of Hawaii to ask her friends to join her cause and protest by her side. Similar Facebook pages were started and convinced thousands of women to join the march. All these pages united their forces and planed the Official Women March in Washington DC. The idea of the march was implemented by the female community in more than 640 locations worldwide: in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Surprisingly, men also attended the march, showing their support for women rights and their feminist side. Celebrities also joined the movement, taking the role of spokespersons of the march: Actress, Scarlett Johansson, addressed her speech to Trump and asked for his support of women. American feminist, Gloria Steinem, tells the people that the American constitution doesn’t start with I, but with We. As in We, the people and not I, the President, sending a message to the entire continent, that the power is within its citizens, not within their president. All they have to do is use it and act upon the things they want to change. This march is an excellent example for the courage to follow this advice. Even kids know that what is happening, isn’t right or normal. Because of that, the March organizers had invited Sophia Cruz to speak on behalf of the children community of America. The 6 year old encouraged her “friends” to fight for their families and their right to stay together, because they are not alone. Her parents are undocumented Mexican immigrants, who may face deportation, if Trump’s goals become reality, so she joined the march to stop this from happening.

The March organizers launched a new Campaign to take this wave of motivation and activism further. To preserve the revolutionary spirit of the march, they presented the 10 Actions for the first 100 Days Project. 10 Actions planned for the first 100 days of Trump’s “reign”. The first action is spreading the Women March Cards all over your community to “make your voice be heard”. Stay tuned for the next actions planned.

Pink hats were worn to make an unifying statement and people set their creativity free and designed shields, invented slogans or created body art or even art pieces to raise awareness of the importance of the issue. Young representatives expressed their thoughts without fear: Dump Trump. Not my president. The future is nasty. And maybe it is, because nobody knows the way out of this situation.

Even the elder representatives, who have already fought for the cause, declared they are willing to fight again to protect the human and women rights, no matter the price, but are also disappointed that the society is devolving and that it has again come up to this question: Are women equally valuable as men? The answer the march wants to promote is a direct affirmative answer: YES and we can do anything. Women’s rights are human rights, regardless of a woman’s race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual identity, gender expression, economic status, age or disability. We just have to believe in ourselves and march towards our future.


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