Does the job human exist?

Written by Alexandra Muntean

Does the job human exist?

We’re all waiting for our expectations to become reality and work hard to get “the perfect job”. No sacrifice is too big, if we one day have the chance to do exactly what we want, but I ask myself every day when do I know when to stop sacrificing and start enjoying.

Nowadays, people put their job on the first place and do whatever is needed to shape themselves into the pattern their job description asks for. Career success is the top of the bucket list of life, but is that right? Aren’t really other things that matter more than that?

What should I do to get my dream job?

We spend our school years, our university adventure and our youth time shaping and thinking about our future, but if we really want to do something that matters to us, we do not have to wait to get paid for it. Is my dream job to help children around the world, then I’d better start making a change now. If I want to build a new car prototype, I should sit down at my desk and start designing. We don’t have to lose ourselves in theory and great plans, if we have the skill to start practicing “our job” now.

Our job is to discover ourselves. Our job is to find what makes us and what breaks us. What makes us smile or frown. What impact do we desire to have on the world. Our task is to do a representation of our qualities. The only presentation we have to prepare is ours. If we know who we are at the end of the day, we have achieved our goals. No matter what job we apply for, the most important quality companies are looking for is your personality. Of course, your skills play a role in your job, but only if you mix them together, you’ll depict the ideal candidate. Picture the scene. Interview day. Scared and anxious. You hear the same first sentence at every interview: “Tell us something about yourself”.

Be yourself.

You freak out and panic. Why? Because you do not know which academic successes to emphasize, how to point out the qualities your job description implied, how to show your interest for the history of the company or how to prove that you’ve done your research. Stop. That question is only about yourself. Your person. Your free time. The things you love. The things that made you who you are today. Authentic not plastic. True to yourself, not false. Original, not a copy of a pattern. Wondering for what job to apply that fits this requirements?

Here’s some advice. To get your dream job, the first thing you should apply for is getting to know yourself, because whatever job you’ll choose, it will be that of a human.