Feeric Fashion Week 2017 Day 2: NousMode

Written by Raluca Barbu

One of the amazing fashion shows of the second day at FFW took place in a totally unexpected, but at the same time very beautiful setting, namely the lake of the Zoo Garden in Sibiu, Romania. NousMode, a Romanian brand from Arad, whose creations are based on nonconformity and innovation, presented their collection “(R)evolution” in a place that matched their conception about fashion. Therefore, the spectators were invited to discover their creations from paddle boats, as the male and female models were on boats anchored in the middle of the lake. Afterwards, the models and the guests paddled back to the pontoon where the models made the closing catwalk. The good weather and the relaxed atmosphere made the unique fashion show even more memorable.

After the fashion show, Mariana Morar and Paul Micsa, the designers behind the Romanian brand, explained more about their collection which focuses on textures such as tulle, velvet, leather and silk. “These NousMode creations were designed to exceed limits and to touch one’s soul. We tried to present the classical materials in a new way. Thus, we created avant-garde pieces which, with the right accessories, can be easily transformed from a classical outfit in a street casual one.” Through their mixed collection for both men and women, they definitely put us in their story full of colours.

The day ended with a pool party at Versailles by Buonavista hosted by the vice president of FFW, Landiana Cerciu. She prepared also something special for her guests at the “Yolo” party, namely a 10 — photo exhibition, showing her in spectacular venues. The number of pictures was by no mean randomly chosen, as the party celebrates the 10th succesful edition of Feeric Fashion Week. #feelfeeric