Feeric Fashion Week Day 3: Feeric Venue Shows

Written by Raluca Barbu, Oana Neagoe

As the night was closing in, the guests gathered at the Feeric Venue/ Redal Expo to watch the last fashion shows of the third day. Lydie Djamba, the Congolese designer behind the Dutch brand Alisha Pretty, broke the ice and presented her eccentric collection. She turned her passion for fashion into a business, having as motto “Make fashion, not war”. Through the large range of colours and materials, the Congolese designer wants to express youth and dynamism. What distinguishes the Alisha Pretty creations from others is the unexpected combination between Dutch painting prints and African motifs.

The next show was brought by Natalia Manza, whose elegant dresses were meant to reflect the depth of the emotions of women, a kaleidoscope of their inner world. Love and sensitivity, passion and challenge, happiness and peace, grace and sophistication have been transformed in feminine textures such as silk, Chantilly lace, decorated with floral embroidery and Swarovski crystals. The collection is made out of dreams and parts of soul that seam to be attached to the dresses. In addition to the use of white and beige, that symbolize purity and elegance, Natalia associated also red with the feminine essence.

The last fashion show presented at the Feeric Venue belonged to Lui by Luisa. The creations were inspired by Federuci Fellini’s movie and were full of elegance, sensuality and feelings. “Dolce Lady is a collection based on my emotions, on what I live now and what I want to express. The concept <<la dolce vita>> is a lifestyle, a kind of indolent anxiety against the problems, that we face daily”, said the designer.

The show was opened by Petr Nikta, the first transgender model who has ever walked on the Feeric runway. The Italian aesthetic and eccentricity could be observed easily in the first half of the collection, as the designer concentrated on the silhouette of the women. She redefined the concept of “A — line dresses”, going for a narrowed waist and then flaring gently wider from the hip — along with the right accessories: long scarfs worn on the head and black sunglasses. In the second half, the designer preferred bold colours, predominantly metallic gold, dark red and black, introducing also lace and dashing prints to match them.

The “feeric” night ended with a “Mysterium” party, but not before awarding with the title of “Feeric Ambassadors” two friends of FFW, the well-known American fashion stylist, Derek Warburton, and the designer behind the brand Sarah Jessy Jones, Eduardo Perez Gonzales Ocantos.