Feeric Fashion Week Day 4: Boromir Factory Shows

Written by Raluca Barbu

Each year Feeric Fashion Week tries to surprise its guests by choosing the most spectacular venues for the fashion shows. Having this in mind, on the fourth day of the festival the Feeric team organized two events in the Boromir sweets factory. The first designer who benefitted from such an unconventional venue was Bianca Popp. Thus, the yard between the flower mill and the building of the factory became a catwalk for the models. Not only the surrounding was unexpected, but the setting too. With the help of the Land Force Academy of Sibiu, the place was transformed into a “battlefield”, as the runway was decorated with military details, an army car and fighting equipment. Additionally, the models were accompanied musically by a military fanfare.

This unexpected setting was in total contrast with the delicate creations of Bianca Popp. The collection focused on simplicity as “the ultimate form of sophistication”, as Leonardo da Vinci once said. From the unconventional fabrics to the barefoot models, everything was meant to give the idea of rough, like travelling back in time to the roots of human beings. The creative creations were designed for both men and women and aimed to impress through volume and architectural lines. The range of colours varied from dark green to dark blue but grey, white, and orange were also center of attention. At the end, a man dressed in a traditional Romanian costume invited the designer of the collection for a walk down the runway.

The second designers to present their collection at the Boromir factory were Charles&Ron, whose collection “Amare Argentum” stands for their 25-year old love and partnership. Therefore, this “sweet” anniversary could not be celebrated in another place, but in the puffed grains production department. The rotating vats were an unique setting for the beautiful C&R creations, inspired by Mediterranean winter sunset and by Malta (the country where the fashion house is based).

The colour palette of the collection included Deep Sea Blue, Madonna Blue, Sunset Pink, Lilac Sky and silver which were used to emphasize the beauty of the Mediterranean nature. The silver anniversary theme could be observed by the Filigree shapes, traditional Maltese crafts, that were printed on the fabrics. Thus, the Charles&Ron trade mark striped fabrics were overlaid with intricate Filigree designs of dolphins and the 8 pointed cross. Materials ranged from silk to wool, velvet and leather, while the beautiful skirts made out of metallic blue and black Jacquard fabric with the Filigree dolphin pattern captured the eye of the spectators. The bags and shoes wore also the signature of Charles&Ron. The look was completed by amazing handcrafted Maltese jewelry.