Feeric Fashion Week Day 5: Lavinia Ilies and Sebastian Roncea

Written by Raluca Barbu

The row of unconventional and surprisingly beautiful locations for the fashion shows at Feeric Fashion Week continued on the fifth day with an atypical event at the ASTRA Museum of Folkloric Traditional Civilization in Sibiu, one of the biggest open air museums in Eastern Europe. The place offers an interesting insight in the Romanian village, hosting original monuments of traditional houses from different parts of Romania. The museum gives an authentic experience, recreating the life in a Romanian village in a very credible way — exactly how our ancestors lived.

Correspondently to the venue, the guests arrived there by horse-drawn carriages. Not only the surrounding was unusual, but the fashion show too. There were no seats because the guests were invited to a traditional wedding in a Romanian village, which implies walking through the village in order to arrive at the bride’s and the groom’s house eventually. Therefore, walking down the alley, the guests were welcomed at each house by a pair of models, one woman and one man, dressed with the Spring 2018 “Solar Plexus” collection of Lavinia Ilies and wearing the bags designed by Sebastian Roncea. The models joined then the guests in their walk to the house of the wedded pair. To create a festive atmosphere, there were some artistic moments, namely traditional Romanian music was sung along the way.

Lavinia Ilies drew inspiration for this collection from the human identity, combining soft colours such as sand beiges, Isabelline whites, fawn and Persian blues with natural fabrics like linen, jute, organic leather, calico and straw. The process of making the cloths involved not only cutting, but also stitching, reshaping and even burning. Furthermore, ropes and strings were used to add texture. The personal touch of the designer are the unique patterns that are block printed or dip dyed individually by Lavinia herself.

The collection of Lavinia Ilies and Sebastian Roncea and the location were a perfect match. Everything, from the minimalistic colour palette to the organic fabrics and the barefoot models, was in harmony with the nature. “<<Solar Plexus>> stands for will, for searching for yourself and for discovering your deepest wishes. It is also about finding your inner power, growing your self-esteem and learning what responsibility and understanding really mean”, explained the two designers.

At the end of the fashion show, all models gathered on a plain and the two designers, Lavinia Ilies and Sebastian Roncea, joined them in this picturesque setting.