From Australia to Romania: Meet Xonia

Written by Stefan Hadar

Xonia is a Romanian singer, composer, dancer and actress born in Melbourne, Australia. When she was only 14 years old she signed her first contract with a local record label. In 2006 Xonia was chosen to compete at the beauty contest Miss Diaspora where she performed in front of 20.000 people.

In 2008 while Xonia was touring in USA to sing for the Romanian diaspora and to record new music she was invited to be part of the jury of Miss Diaspora Contest to sing once again at the Callatis Festival. Short time after the performance she was offered a record deal with Universal Music Romania and she accepted it. In 2010 she releases her first singles: Take The Lead and My Beautiful One feat. Deepcentral which was a huge success in Romania and abroad.

The success continued and in 2014 Xonia collaborated with the famous J Balvin on her song I Want Cha. Not only the song became a hit but the sexy “Banana Dance” from the music video went viral. “The banana dance was a concept that we developed as we wanted to have a choreography that was easy to learn and that everyone could do. Its fun, its sexy and gives you a positive vibe. I’m always involved in my choreography.” explains Xonia.

Now, Xonia just released a brand new single Find You and is defintily the kind of song you desperately want to find it on Shazam the first time you hear it on the radio. The song is about love and without it you can’t do anything. She believes in the message of the song and believes believe giving love and being loved is the most beautiful thing.

The singer would also like to continue with her acting career but not neccesary now or in Romania because, unfortunately she is judged even now because of her accent which is “not pure”. She also told us that it was quite difficult when she moved here, in Romania. “It was very difficult at the beginning and it is still difficult even now after so many years. At the beginning I had to learn the language, learn how to read and write in Romanian, learn where you go for even the smallest things like buying a safety pin and have to also learn living in apartments and not a house and the many things that come with sharing a bloc with other people. Now its difficult because even though I have learnt to adapt I still have days where I am literally speechless when I see the mentality that we generally have here. Its just such a shame because Romania really is a beautiful country, a beautiful language, and we have beautiful traditions, and we could offer the world so much more. I am usually dissapointed in people because of the way they think.”


When asked if she would turn back in time to change something to her career, she says she would have liked to know the things she knows now so that she would have made better decisions but having said that, if she wasn’t in the position she is right now she wouldn’t have known the difference or have learnt the lesson God prepared for her. She believes everything happens for a reason and that people that come and go in your life show you something to become wiser and helps you evolve and advance in life.


This article was featured in our 8th issue.