From the Life of a Bored Young Man

Alexandra Ghitescu
Jun 16, 2019 · 4 min read

Written by Sorina Șchiopu

Journal Entry, 2X31

Hello once more, my dear diary…

There was nothing around me that day that managed to catch my attention. It was raining outside as it did in all the other days. I remember feeling desolated for a short while and then smirking at myself for being such an emotional mess. Even now, the fact that I’m writing this makes me giggle that I’d much rather burst out laughing and close this notebook right now. I don’t know why exactly I’m doing this, but does it shoot my boredom right between the eyes? Yes, it does. I guess that’s reason enough.

As I was saying, that day should’ve been nothing special, yet…Fate is often more bored than I am. I just so happened to cast my gaze aside as the sound of raindrops was having a weird effect on me. I stared for a bit at the people in the bus, nothing but uninteresting faces surrounding me. I’m pretty sure I sighed. Why was that day so gray, so neutral and lifeless?

There were still more than three stations until mine. Maybe enough time to start a psychological check? But even then, was there anyone worth my time? I looked around, lazily wrapping my hoodie around my body. It was better to give my subconscious something to do or else I’d end up getting tense after so much staring right into a person’s soul. Now then, who would it be, a blonde, annoying-looking girl, a tall salesman, a kid…. seriously? All just regular people? I kept searching, a boy my age probably, someone from the government (?) and finally… a pregnant woman. I remember the empty look in her eyes very clearly. The bags under her eyes, her stained dress that was receiving no attention whatsoever….no, there was something definitely very wrong. I lowered my eyes, pointing them for a moment at the dirty bus floor. It had been too depressive a day for me to try my hand at reading such sad eyes, nope, not that day. There’s so much one can carry on their shoulders in one single day.

But then, what? There were no more people in that bus, curses and thunders. Actually no, no more thunders, please.

I was sincerely beginning to think that the remaining time until I got home would elapse so slowly that it would murder me. In spite of this, at the next station….it happened. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for. An interesting person entered the stage of the game I was playing. ‘They’ caught my attention immediately. I couldn’t tell whether they were male or female, but their aura was fascinating. Hard to identify gender, shimmering, raven eyes, short, cliched, messy, blue hair and a dominating presence, probably older than me by a few years. I looked around quickly, checking the others’ expressions. No one else was paying attention. Hah, what mortals. ….

I can’t believe I just wrote that, oops. I think I got carried away. I’d erase it…if only I had had the energy to search for a pencil. Instead, I’m just writing all this in pen. Oh, well.

Anyway, my gaze had returned to embracing that person. They had been wearing a smug grin on their face the entire time and it was making my whole body bathe in excitement. They were hiding something…but what exactly?
I was investigating everything that could be seen in my desperate search for answers. Cheap clothes, a rather old scarf, but nothing that unusual about it, a silver earring, black gloves… Wait, gloves? I didn’t put much thought into it, but now that I’m recalling it all…why did they wear gloves? The weather was rather chilly that day, but wearing fur gloves that early in autumn, suspicious…

Now I regret not searching more thoroughly. I should’ve conducted a more proper, serious investigation, because now, after having heard the news… I’m so upset with my lazy self.

I shall put an end to your wait, dearest diary. I shall finally let you know what I’m talking about. Yesterday, there was something in the news I didn’t write about. The biggest bank of the district, the Bank of Diamonds….was robbed. And the one they are searching for is this person I’m talking about.
My theory is however, that they got caught on camera on purpose. Now, they’re nowhere to be found.
I sense the birth of a new criminal star…

Until next time, my diary.


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