#LiteraryCreations: A not so gentle spring rain

Written by Sorina-Cristina Șchiopu

The light of the human dawn was cupping my cheeks. I opened my weary eyes and, looking around for a moment, I let out a divine sigh. I was going to be late for school!

I crashed into the door, giving it no other option than to open itself, to kneel before me…. ahem. Yet, the second I stepped out, warm light embraced me again. My heart melted. After all, I had always been surrounded by darkness… .

“You are cruel, my Goddess”, I said, unaware of someone’s gaze resting on me. However, when my eyes met hers, our roles swapped. I was truly staring. Lovely black braids, a gentle spring rain in her eyes, simply enchanting!

“What a rascal….”, said the girl with a playful smirk, in spite of her angelic figure and walked past me. Excuse me?! I am the former God of Night!