#LiteraryCreations: Peaceful Night

Written by Sorina Șchiopu

He carefully entered the room she was sleeping in. It was quiet and pleasantly dark. Being the young aristocrat, it was false to state that he was unused to the atmosphere from the inside of a courtesan house. However, there was something that bothered him about what was lying before his eyes. His lady and mistress, the infamous Countess Nightray, seemed sound asleep under those covers. They could’ve been the humble covers of a peasant. He had tried countless times to persuade his young lady and mistress that going undercover in a courtesan house was definitely not something he was going to allow, but as he bitterly realized soon after speaking his mind, his way of seeing things was of not much importance for the countess. She had planned all this in order to set a trap for Lord Meijin. He was one of the hidden criminals of their kingdom, the one responsible for many frauds and crimes against the simple people that were not involved even remotely in the ruthless battles for power and recognition.
 All these thoughts chasing each other in his mind, he gazed at the young woman and sighed. What kind of leader would risk so much just to catch an outlaw with noble blood? It angered him to see his master acting so carelessly. Even so, in spite of wanting to be angry at her for once, he noticed he couldn’t. The expression she was wearing while sleeping so peacefully managed to cool down his feelings. 
 “You are not being fair, my lady”, Aiden softly whispered, as he kneeled next to her and placed his sword on the wooden floor. “It is so foolish of me, Countess, to dare to look at you once more. But as long as you are asleep… .”
 Studying her appearance up close, even if the light was dim, he noticed what kind of clothing she was wearing. It was an ocean-blue dress made of what looked like expensive silk. An amused smile couldn’t be stopped making its way to his lips. Really now, Aiden thought, what kind of role are you playing? Are you supposed to be a courtesan or the latest member of the royal family?
 Just as he was watching her sleep though, the moon showed her face for the first time that night and bathed the young lady Nightray in her light. She was beautiful in everything that meant both physical traits and presence and the young man next to her was…at a complete loss. He found himself pathetically murmuring:
 And exactly one heartbeat later, oblivious to what he was doing, Aiden grabbed her hand. Oh no, you won’t-, his thoughts tried to say, but were immediately interrupted by their very own master. 
 “Shhh…”, he told himself and his worried heart. “This can’t possibly be seen as betrayal or disrespect.”
 Having said that, he gently brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.
 What he didn’t expect however was the fact that she had been very much awake since the first moment he had entered her room.
 “You take liberties”, she said with a shockingly steady voice, despite her rosy cheeks.
 At that, Aiden’s soul jolted in terror, yet his own voice came out indifferently.
 “I’m just being respectful towards my lady and mistress.”
 “Of course you are”, she laughed, but no feelings accompanied those words.
 And then, in a more serious tone, she inquired: “Why are you here?”
 There was only silence in response to that question. The young man knew that he hadn’t respected her orders, he knew that all too well. Although staring quietly at the ceiling made him realize that he didn’t care. At all.
 “I see you’re having a disobedient day, my dear Aiden.”
 He smiled upon hearing her call him by his name and then looked at her straight in the eye, only to show her a lazily proud gaze. Prior to his arrival, he had already taken care of the Lord Meijin issue all by himself, restraining that traitorous noble and bringing him back for interrogation.
 As he watched her expression change from played anger to childish jealousy after realizing what the words in his eyes meant, his own expression became so honest that he was radiating happiness. 
 “You should have let me do that”, she pouted.
 “Do what? Let you use yourself as bait? Never.”
 “I’m not yours to protect”, the young lady whispered, immediately regretting it at the sight of his smirk. “E-Either way, you should probably head to sleep now…”
 “Oh, what a way to hide your embarrassment..”, he muttered teasingly, but she still heard him.
 “Shut it and get out.” Her tone was danger, but there was a tiny hint of amusement in it.
 Aiden’s lips were curved upwards again. ”As you wish, my lady.”