#LiteraryCreations: Vulnerability

Written by: Anca Rautoiu

you put your broken pieces

back together differently,

creating the most wholesome piece

I ever did see

the “I can’t” s, “I don’t know” s

and “I’m not good enough”s,

you took them

caressed them

hugged them

showed them so much love

that they escaped your hug

crying tears of joy,

thanking you for believing

in their greatness,

in their potential to become

so much more,

to be the strongest they’ve ever been

you took every insecurity

and negative thought

and allowed yourself to feel them,

and then you whispered in their ear

“you are needed

thank you

but it’s time for me to let you go”

you managed to tame the beast

don’t you see,

even the darkest

the least handsome



they all blush

the second you

so courageously

look them in the eye

with empathy

and give them

the tightest hug

you are a healer

always have been

always will be

you have a beautiful mind

that no one will ever

be able to steal from you

your heart is priceless

the way you love is timeless

everything that defines you

is a treasure

and you

oh, you

are a g o d d e s s




life is a white empty canvas

go and paint it in your favorite


create it the way

you want it

the way you like it

get inspired every day

go all the way

when it comes

to your dreams


you’re so worth it

you deserve it all

you deserve the world




so tell me

what will you do

when all those emotions

you’ve been covering up

will be coming for you

my darling,

pain was made to be felt

hearts were created to melt

and break

and heal

they tell you not to be

so deep

my love

they won’t want to let you speak

my treasure

they’re afraid

to feel your feels

’cause they’re a reflection

of all those times they said

“it’s fine. it’s okay.”

and tried to throw their feelings away

but it didn’t work

so they buried them

so deep

that one day

before going to sleep

they got bored

of playing hide-and-seek

and out they were

no way to stop them

you are human

god damn

let yourself feel

why is it that we’re so scared

of things that come to us so naturally?