#LiteraryCreations:The strangers you meet

Written by: Cimpoeru Andreea Sabina

Every morning, I watched the sunrise from a bench in the old town square. It was like a ritual, a way to clear my head. But today, I wasn’t alone.

I looked at the mysterious boy sitting beside me. He was a stranger and also a mortal, but… he felt familiar, somehow, like a dream I couldn’t quite remember. ‘Danger!’, my mind cried, but then the boy looked at me and I gasped. At that moment, I realized he was just like me! We didn’t speak as the sun rose higher, but I knew that he too remembered.

As we parted, none of us said anything, but we both remembered why we were there. It was our punishment, to live as mortals every millennia or so, for being outcasts, for choosing the wrong side. And yet we still met every morning from then on. Two lonely Gods, trapped in a teenager’s body. Life seemed easier with him.