Must Listen: Sergiu Bolota — Every Little Thing

Written by Stefan Hadar

Romanian singer-songwriter Sergiu Bolota has recently released his new song Every Little Thing. After collaborating on his previous single We Were Young with Eurovision star Stig Rästa, this time he chose to do it all by himself, as he himself composed and wrote the song, while Catalin Ivascu produced it.

“I know it’s almost a year gap between We Were Young and Every Little Thing, but I preferred to take some time to release new music. I really wanted to do it all by myself: both lyrics and music. I composed a lot of songs since last January (around 20) but I picked only 3, this song and other 2 in Romanian, that I’ll release in the upcoming months” says Sergiu.

About Sergiu

Sergiu Bolota is a singer/songwriter, born in Sibiu, Romania. He started singing since he was a little child in various school events but also in churches. He was born in a large family of 7 children. Between 2009–2011 he was involved in a worship band called Zao Thusia. They released their first rock praise and worship album in november, 2010: 11 powerful songs, some rock ballads, some happy songs and they have put a lot of passion and effort into that project, which, to his opinion, was a successful one. Between 2008 and 2013 he worked at a skate shop, skate world being his second love after music. After 5 years he quit his job to focus on his musical career and started singing at various events. In March 2016 he released his first EP “Lumini” (Lights) containing 5 songs and in 2017 he released the single “We Were Young” composed by the famous Estonian Stig Rästa.

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