#tb: A Look at 2018’s Fashion

Written by Gabriel Thomits

Everyone is going to say 2018 has been quite a year! It kicked off with the whole internet eating detergent, shooting a 10-year-old boy to fame for his yodeling skills and seems to draw an end with people talking about doing surgery on grapes. But there are many more things to look back at, and one of them is certainly fashion.

2018 was a year of mix. Not exactly like the 2000’s when 70’s flares met 90’s crop tops, but many beloved 90’s trends made a huge comeback, starting around late 2017 and definitely reaching an apogee in 2018. Let us have a look at some fashion moments of 2018.


In 2018 athleisure (wearing sports clothes, but in a more street fashion kind of way) was still going on from previous years, but there were few additions and also some 90’s trends that resurfaced.

One very quirky combo would be heels and… track pants. If in the 90’s Sporty Spice was donning track pants with Air Max-es and other sport items, in 2018 they joined the sphere of Posh Spice, getting paired with block heel booties or ginger stiletto sandals.

Some trousers were also made to have a slightly athletic touch to them, adding stripes or a wider cut to them.

Melanie C and her descendants.She would be… proud(?)
Athleisure at its finest.

Another trend that persisted for a little while is cropped sweaters and sweatshirts. Whether worn all dressed up or completely comfortable and athletic, everyone seems to have donned these articles of clothing, lookingdearly at the 80’s and 90’s.

Behold! These pants were considered …sexy. Up untilnow seen as unfashionable or lazy, sweatpants got a makeover this year

2.Chunky Soles

Stilettos may have been everywhere, but from block heels to even platforms, some of the belovedtrends of the 90’s came back: thick soles. You could find this trend in the shape of platform boots(70’s vibe assured as well), chunky sneakers or even platform sneakers.

Many chunky soled sneakers were available at Zara, or there is even one of this year’s hottestsneakers: Balenciaga’s sock sneakers — the “Speed” sneakers. Some brands also offered a more90’s approach of platform sneakers, where you got a 3-inch-high (6–7 cm) flat sole, kind of like Buffalo’s platform sneakers (aka “Spice Girls shoes”). Here are some examples of chunky-soled shoes spotted in 2018:

Platform boots
Balenciaga “Speed” sneakers
Platform sneakers
Buffalo platform sneakers“The Spice Girls Shoe”

3.Shiny Materials

As many materials as there are coming to your mind right now, there is a plethora of shiny materials found in clothing. Mesh, PVC, leather/faux leather, patent leather are just some names that represent this category.

Mesh was most often spotted as accents on clothing like dresses, but there were also garments made fully of mesh — think (yes, again) 90’s transparent blouses.

As for the more “grown up” materials, leather and PVC was used for many items of clothing. Fromcoats to trousers, high-end designers to fast-fashion retailers offered clothing made from these two effortlessly sophisticated materials. The leather coat was revamped and looked maybe a little bitless “The Matrix” this year. Patent leather was spotted everywhere, from booties to skirts and handbags. PVC was found predominantly under the form of pants, but coats were also seen made from this material.

PVC coat
PVC skirt
Leather/Faux leather trousers
Leather Coat

Vogue’s Anna Wintour during London Fashion Week.


A very chic and timeless material, tweed seems to have had quite some attention in 2018. Menswear embodied tweed as blazers and coats, while Womenswear presented tweed under its“French form” — bouclé tweed.

Bouclé tweed was invented by Coco Chanel around the 1930’s, inspired by the masculine variantof tweed and produced by wrapping multiple strands of different materials together. It was reintroduced by Karl Lagerfeld when he took over Chanel and has not exactly left the spotlight since then. Just like in the old times, even in 2018 bouclé suits were made by different fashion retailers, adding slight touches to each product, all sharing the elegance of a Chanel suit. Even First Lady Jackie Kennedy wore a bouclé suit in the 60’s, which had been made from Chanel tweedin a New York boutique (it seems that she wasn’t allowed to wear foreign made clothing).

Zara’s rendition of the bouclé coat


Designer brands are basically in 24/7, but this year Gucci seems to have gotten quite a share of thelimelight. Gucci’s popularity was most definitely heightened through social media and even rappers (“Gucci Gang” anyone?).

An item that seemed to be everywhere were Gucci bags, especially a piece called the “Dionysus”bag. Gucci sneakers were nevertheless as popular as the bags, having snake patches on them.

… And there would also be Gucci slides… (yes, some people did LIKE them and wear them… alot).

The Gucci “Dionysus” bag

6. Mini-Bags

In the 2000’s we had small, long bags. In 2018, we had miniature bags and shrunken versions ofpopular handbag models.

Many people were spotted with small handbags that could maybe carry a dollar bill or your favorite lipstick, but they were very in. The retro handbags also had a slight moment, taking after the all- so-famous Fendi “Baguette” bag, like the one Carrie Bradshaw sported cca. 2000–2002 in “Sex and The City”. The Dior “Saddle” bag also made a comeback this year. Hugely practical? Meh. Cute and fashionable? Definitely.

A more practical alternative that was also in for both genders were fanny packs/bum bags/belt bags, either in a smaller variant or a regular sized variant.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in“Sex and The City”, wearing a brown leather Fendi “Baguette”©HBO
The Dior “Saddle” bag

— a 2000’s must have (Courtesy of Dior)

A Valentino bum bag.

Bum bags were in for both genders.

7. Sunglasses

No, sunglasses weren’t out until 2018, but then they had a huge moment, presenting the biggestdiversity in many years.

In 2018 you could find everything from cat-eye sunglasses, to retro tinted lenses and even “Matrix”sunglasses. The smoky-lensed ones were also seen during fall, not as often as other trends, but the boldest out there slayed their pair with a coat and booties and, in my opinion, this way of wearing tinted sunglasses is really fashionable and sophisticated.

If small lenses weren’t your thing, you could opt of large square or oval frames, in the styleof oversized Wayfarers or even those throwback-to-2005 Dior sunglasses.

Victoria Beckham wearing Céline sunglasses

Remember Anastacia? Well, sunglasses like hers were sold at Sonia Rykiel only 18 years after“I’m Outta Love” hit the shelves …

These futuristic Zara shades really gave you a“Back to The Future” vibe. Maybe that’s where theZara Man team got their inspiration from (?)

If oversized lenses weren’t your style, there were classics like Wayfarers. Here, mirror lenses can also be seen

… and that was 2018, in terms of fashion. 2019 seems to have started with rumors about low rise jeans making a comeback, so… Good Luck and a Happy New Year!

Here’s to a well-dressed 2019!

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