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The Royal Protocol: An Intriguing Issue

Written by Sonia Igna

Have you ever heard about the Royal Protocol? What about it being broken? There are some rules which every royal family member must follow. You may think that someone who broke these rules might not have known or not have been aware of them. But actually, this is out of question because you can’t be part of the royal family and not know at least the basic rules! And if the person continued to break the protocol repeatedly, then they must have done it on purpose.

Diana Frances Spenser would often break this protocol. She picked her own engagement ring, she sent her boys to school, she exposed her kids to a non-royal life, she refused formality and many others. Since her death this topic has not been so popular, until Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, became the Duchess of Sussex.

Still, let’s have a look at some more rules of the royal etiquette!

Meghan Markle and Princess Diana

Colorful nail polish never come into question.

Kate Middleton
Meghan Markle

Crowned heads aren’t allowed to speak to well-wishers or fans.

Women must wear gloves whenever they go somewhere in public. Megan would often remove her gloves so that she could properly shake hands with people and it has been noted that this is something Princess Diana used to do, too. Once, the Duchess of Sussex even apologized to one person for her hands being cold.

Royal women usually hold bags in their left hand. Besides, and it is totally forbidden to wear a cross body bag.

Meghan’s outfit: Burberry coat and a Strathberry bag.

It’s not what Meghan was wearing that broke the protocol; it was how she was wearing it.

Before being in a relationship with Harry, Meghan had been married with producer Trevor Engelson for 2 years. Being married before totally broke the royal protocol.

Exposing your shoulders is also forbidden if you are a crowned head. Knowing this fact Meghan has opted for an off-shoulder dress from California Herrera. But it turns out that she wasn’t the only one who did this …

I think that if you just want to find out how Meghan broke the protocol you just have to read about Princess Diana. It seems like Meghan is trying to be like her, or maybe she just doesn’t know that…

Princess Diana used to say “Only do what your heart tells you “orI like to be a free sprit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.” And so she was: a free spirit, who liked to break the rules and live the way she wanted. She knew that people would talk about her and her behaviour, but that’s what people always do. As a result, Princess Diana was often called “rebellious” and “groundbreaking”.

Now that you know something about the royal protocol I want you to ask yourself the following question:

Is breaking the protocol such a big problem?” Yes, for the Royal Family. But I think that for Princess Diana and other royal figures it was or it is just another way to express their personality and their independent spirit.

To continue, there are some more intriguing rules part of the Royal Protocol which aren’t that known. For example, did you know that the Royal family are completely forbidden to play Monopoly? Or that they cannot be touched by non-royals? Or that the boys will be in shorts and not pants until they are about eight years old? Or that the kids must learn at least one foreign language and also the proper hand-waving?

It is a fact that the Royal Protocol has been an issue for debate for those who have an interest in the Royal family. For the rest of us, it represents more or less just a “curiosity”.


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