#throwback: Spinning around with Emma

Written by Raluca Barbu

The world of fashion is one of the most interesting and versatile aspects of life, being in a constant development, but also improvement. The modern society regards clothes and attitude, with a single world — style, as a way of making a statement, to express itself. Trends differ from a season to another and because of that, fashion leaves the doors of creativity open for experiment in order to be able to always fulfill the needs of people and also to move a step forward in its history.

Feeric Fashion Week, which will take place between 17th-23th of July, is something unique in Sibiu, Romania and is considered to be the most important event of its type in Eastern Europe, as it promotes not only the latest trends in fashion, but also diversity and tolerance. The 10th edition of Feeric Fashion Week will for sure take us aback with some extraordinary collections presented in unexpected venues, whereas one of the surprises of the anniversary edition is the participation of the American star, Derek Warburton, who will be the presenter of the Feeric Gala, and the one of the model, Petr Nitka, who will make history, being the first transgender model to ever walk on the catwalks in Romania.

As the SPECTRUMM team has participated to the previous edition of Feeric Fashion Week and is planning to attend it this year as well, what better way to show the magic of the event than through a throwback? Without further introduction: Emma Viedma and her collection “Alphonse Mucha”.

The designer behind the Paraguayan brand Pierrot, Emma Viedma, attended the ninth edition of Feeric Fashion Week and presented a special collection entitled “Alphonse Mucha”, named after the plastic artist who inspired her creations. The brand has the purpose to combine the aboriginal style with art, in this case the Art Noveau movement. Nobleness and spirituality are the characteristics that Alphonse associated with women. Emma Viedma succeeded in representing this vision not only in painting, but also in fashion. Her collection has a delicate way of highlighting the feminine essence. Each piece distinguishes itself from the others through colour, texture and unique details.

Not only the clothes were breathtaking, but the surroundings too. The presentation took place at the train depot in Sibiu where the rails became a catwalk for the brave models. They had to maintain their balance while the whole platform was spinning around with them and with the audience. Definitely one of the most spectacular fashion shows of the festival and one of the greatest experiences so far!