Word of the Decade: Superfood

Written by Ioana Suciu

“Superfood” is a very frequently used word nowadays. Everyone is interested in these “stars” of the nutritional world. But what are they actually? And why are they so popular?

Superfood is a word used in the marketing industry. Superfoods are foods which are thought to be beneficial to our health, being very rich in nutrients, which, of course, lead to more and more people wanting to include them in their daily diet.


However, there aren’t any criteria for identifying a superfood. It is said that some companies label their food products as superfoods, although it hasn’t been scientifically proved whether those foods are or not superfoods. Yet, that doesn’t mean that Goji berries, Chia seeds or Hempseeds aren’t super healthy just because they aren’t labeled in such a way. Scientifically proved or not as superfoods, here are some suggestions of superfoods, which you can surely add to your diet, as they act amazingly in your body.

Organic coconut oil

Coconut oil is also called “miracle oil”, due to its multiple purposes. It is an anti-viral and anti-microbial oil, it helps make your skin glowing and keeps it hydrated (yes, you could use it instead of your body lotion!) and it is also one of the best options for cooking (cakes as well as chicken wings!). It is also a great source of fats (the healthy ones) and energy, as it contains medium-chain fatty-acids, which your body uses to provide you with instant energy.


Again, a great source of healthy fats! Although avocado is a fruit, its great property is that it doesn’t really have its own specific taste, it tastes rather like butter. That means you can have it in a salad, mashed up with apple cider vinegar or together with strawberries & Co. in a fruit bowl, getting its beneficial effects without even tasting it!


Berries are also a multi-property food which I highly recommend because, first of all, they taste absolutely amazing! You can eat them frozen or fresh, in smoothies or on top of cakes, pancakes, or in fruit salads. They are high in fibre, but lower in sugar than most of the fruits, which means they won’t raise your blood sugar levels like the others do. They are also rich in antioxidants, which help your body maintain your immunity levels high.


So next time you prepare your meal, make sure to include some healthy ingredients, like the ones from above, and your meal will be surely more tasteful!

This article was featured in our 8th issue.