Written by Ecaterina Boboc

Bianca Andreescu. Doesn’t ring a bell does it? Well, don’t worry; it didn’t ring a bell for me either until a few days ago.

She is an 18 year-old Romanian-Canadian professional tennis player, born in Mississauga.

After reaching a career-high ITF (International Tennis Federation) ranking №3…

Written by Alexandra Muntean

Since 1955, when Walt Disney opened the first Disneyland to the general public in California, this extraordinary idea has taken over the world. On almost every teenage bucket list having a Disneyland theme park experience occupies the top spots. Why is that, you may ask? Well…

Written by Sorina-Cristina Șchiopu

Once upon a Halloween’s Eve, spirits had gathered for the annual spooky council. The sun had already gone into hiding, leaving both the human and the ghost realm in the shadows.

“Welcome, fellow phantasms and creatures of the shadow kingdom, we have gathered here today to…

Written by Diana-Maria Stanciu

Although we, as a species, have come a long way, always creating and always improving our technology, the human race has been destroying the planet little by little.

Our survival depends on the Earth and by deteriorating the environment, we are a threat for the planet…


A Change of Perspective

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