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I post a picture of a mountain because I like mountains. It has nothing to do with the blog post.

First blog post in a long time…

  • Details of how my market monitor works, the things I find most useful, and how to implement that in your trading
  • Updates to my small-cap method
  • How I trade large caps via Options.
  • How I trade sector rotations, and the VIX using options on ETFs
  • The bread and butter of how I trade index Futures. ES is my primary market and the one I focus 70–80% of my attention now. Order flow for entry and exit location(and also some longer-term signals can be found in order flow, I will detail that as well), combined with my market monitor and the few things in technical analysis that I think can help a little. TA is not nearly as useful in the modern era, as it maybe was at one time, but using it in conjunction with things that do have some edge, an edge that has backtested proof, can help.
  • Updates to the tools that I find most useful
  • A list of the follows of other bloggers and social media users that I find most helpful
  • Updates to how I am now trading BTC, and why I no longer mess with altcoins
  • How I approach the macro-economic environment when trading. My views on the long term economic situation and how it could impact the long term future.
  • A case study for how multi-year sentiment and positioning extremes can be some of the best long term signals
  • Why I think traditional markets are superior to trade and more predictable than crypto markets.

Current market thoughts



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