The Best Information Does not Always Rise to the Top

Come back Luc!

I recently noticed someone that I follow on YouTube removed all of their videos, Lucky36Luc or @quickfingersluc. I suspect this has to do with being tired of answering questions constantly with minimal reward. Small Bloggers/YouTubers get nothing or even lose money blogging. That is the case for me. My hosting costs are higher than my revenue from this blog.

The sad part of Luc removing his videos is he had a very good, simple trading system. The content within his videos was outstanding, despite having very low production quality and no marketing. That is the key. A lot of the best information is hidden away in this world behind lesser information with huge marketing budgets and fancy post production. People seem to prefer glamour over substance. Perhaps it is an inherent human trait.

Applying This to My Experiences..

I would like to apply this to my favorite trading blog as well as my favorite trading book. I have read a lot of trading blogs and books. I like a lot of them, there are many GOOD blogs and books out there. There is also a lot of repeat information and bad information. There are very, very few blogs or books that are filled with GREAT, actionable ideas. In some cases these great resources will be well known, but often they are not well known.

The best trading blog, IMO, is Stockbee. He gets straight to the point, teaching you methods that have a statistical edge. There are no fancy graphics, marketing campaigns, or fluff. It is legitimately the best trading resource on the internet and nothing comes close. Yet it is not that popular. It is relatively popular due to the amount of time it has been around, and because of it’s outstanding content, but it pales in comparison to some of the heavily marketed blogs.

The best trading book I have ever read is Insider Buy Superstocks

by Jesse Stine. It is not a pretty book on the inside, it has some fluff info in the beginning about his personal life, but the strategy part of the book is outstanding. This book currently sits at #317 in books on stocks on Amazon. There are not 316 books better I can guarantee that. They just have better marketing. Now I don’t think reading just this book is probably enough for most people to learn trading, but it is the book that has had the greatest impact on my trading.


Going back to Lucky36/QuickFingersLuc. He likely has enough success as a trader he does not need to market or promote himself. I am in a similar situation. I merely blog because I enjoy it, it is unlikely to become a viable side income for me. I have only very lightly promoted this blog.

The moral of the story is I think sometimes you have to dig deep to find hidden gems of information. With trading specifically really niche down into the exact type of trading you are interested in and use long tail keyword searches on Google or Amazon to get some very specific information sources. Talk to people on Reddit or trading blogs to help wade through the chaff and get to the good stuff. It is truly like finding a needle in a haystack, but it can be life changing.

Originally published at Speculate Freedom.