Monetise audio versions of your news articles

Patrick O'Flaherty
Aug 1 · 3 min read

This week we’re launching AdStudio (beta), a self-serve audio ad platform that gives blogs and news publishers the power to sell pre-roll audio sponsorship to brands looking to connect with their audience.

In 2018 advertisers spent $479 million on podcast ads, and podcast advertising revenues are projected to surpass $1 billion by 2021, according to figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC.

We’re developing AdStudio to provide SpeechKit publishers with a quick and efficient way to start monetising this new format. We’re keen to hear your feedback. Leave us a note below or drop us a line at

Getting started with Ad Studio

To get started, log in to your SpeechKit dashboard and go to the AdStudio tab.

Select ‘Start Audio Ad’.

Fill in the campaign form

  1. Give your campaign a name E.g., “Audible Listen Campaign — August 19”.

2. Set the start and end date for the campaign.

3. Set your campaign currency E.g., “USD”.

4. Set the campaign budget E.g., “$10,000”.

5. Set your CPM (Cost per 1,000 audio impressions) E.g., “$10”.

6. Or set the CPC (Cost per Click) E.g., “$0.20”.

7. Give your Ad a title E.g., “Audible — 1 Month Free”. This is the clickable title that will appear on the audio player.

8. Add a URL E.g., “”. Listeners that click on the Ad title will be forwarded to this link.

9. You can then either create an audio ad using Text-to-Speech (limited to 280 characters) E.g., “This audio is sponsored by Audible. Click on the link in the audio player to get your first month free.” Or you can upload your own audio ad (We’d recommend 15 seconds).

Once you’re finished creating your Ad, activate it and monitor performance via the Ad Studio dashboard.

Now each time a reader chooses to listen to a news article they’ll hear an audio message from your sponsor. These listens are tracked and you will see the progress of the campaign updated in real-time in the dashboard.

More about SpeechKit

At SpeechKit we’re helping 100's of news publishers to automate their audio content efforts. Sign up for a free trial to instantly start creating audio for the next generation of news consumer.


The best way to make your news stories available in audio.

Patrick O'Flaherty

Written by

Co-Founder & CEO SpeechKit



The best way to make your news stories available in audio.

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