Improvements from Polly

Our friends at Amazon have released a batch of new features

James MacLeod
Aug 12 · 2 min read

SpeechKit utilises the latest text-to-speech technology to power NewsNet, our processing engine that transforms news content to produce the best audio available to publishers. Last week, Amazon released two new features to Polly, the text-to-speech division of the company. These voices are live on the SpeechKit dashboard.

Neural Text To Speech

The first of the two features, Neutral-Text-To-Speech (NTTS), has been applied to all 3 UK and 8 US voices on the platform and is described as improving the “naturalness and expressiveness” of these voices. Check out some examples below.

Emma (Neural)
Joey (Neural)

Newsreader Style

The second of the two features is an option only available through the US English voices, Joanna and Matthew. Newsreader style is applied to these voices to give them an edge and allows the listener to know when their listening into a piece of news by mimicking a traditional news anchor’s pitch and intonation. Check out the examples below.

Joanna (Neural) — Newsreader Style
Matthew (Neural) — Newsreader Style

Get Set Up

To enable these features in your SpeechKit project head to the project settings by clicking on the 3 vertical dots next to the project name (when hovered over). From the settings page, select one of the NTTS new voices; Amy, Emma and Brian (UK), and Ivy, Joanna, Kendra, Kimberly, Salli, Joey, Justin and Matthew (US). To enable one of the new Newsreader Style voices just select

More about SpeechKit

At SpeechKit we’re helping 100s of news publishers to automate audio versions of their content efforts. Sign up for a free trial and instantly start creating audio for the next generation of news consumer.


The best way to make your news stories available in audio.

James MacLeod

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COO @ SpeechKit



The best way to make your news stories available in audio.

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