Publishing Podcasts using SpeechKit

James MacLeod
Jul 15 · 3 min read

Podcasts have quickly become a modern-day media and are being embraced by publishers as a way to catch their readers on the move.

A recent study published by the Reuters Institute reports almost just as many young people are listening to podcasts as those who use Facebook for news!

50& of Gen X & Y are listening to podcasts.

SpeechKit makes publishing podcasts simple. Converting text articles into audio allows readers another opportunity to engage with your stories and distributing these through the podcast apps further increases the awarness of your brand.


If you don’t yet have an account with SpeechKit, go our homepage and set up a free profile. Once you have a project (WordPress, RSS or other) with audio you can start publishing podcasts.

  1. Head to the Distribution tab in the SpeechKit dashboard.
From the home screen, head to distribution.

2. From Distribution, select “Add Distribution” and select “Podcast Feed”.


3. Fill in the form to provide info about your podcast project (this will be used in the descriptions in the podcast stores — add a profile image to the project in project settings).

Add info on your podcast.

4. You’re now publishing a podcast! If you want to check things out before publishing on Apple Podcast and others, try subscribing to the podcast in iTunes. To do this, copy the RSS feed generated by SpeechKit in the podcast settings (above), then head to iTunes, go to File > Subscribe to Podcast….

SpeechKit Podcast in iTunes.

Alternatively, there are few good tools to check your feed is working as intended. Here’s a great one from CastFeed. To get your podcast live on Apple Podcast, and other platforms, head to their respective websites and follow the prompts to get your project approved.

More about SpeechKit

At SpeechKit we’re helping 100s of news publishers to automate audio versions of their content efforts. Sign up for a free trial and instantly start creating audio for the next generation of news consumer.


The best way to make your news stories available in audio.

James MacLeod

Written by

COO @ SpeechKit



The best way to make your news stories available in audio.

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