Reducing Churn with Audio Articles

New data collected by SpeechKit reveals how audio improves reader retention

James MacLeod
Aug 24 · 3 min read

Whilst we are still in the nascent days of text-to-speech audio articles— a format that will ensure improved access to every story sooner rather than later — here at SpeechKit we have been analysing engagement data alongside our network of publishers for almost a year. Whilst we are still securely in the early days of the adoption curve for this technology, audio articles are proving to have a profound effect on news audiences.

Our text-to-audio service is used across more than 100 publishers worldwide and we’ve served millions of audio impressions over the past year. By tracking the behaviour of audio vs non-audio audiences we can now prove that audio increases engagement by giving readers more flexibility around how and when they consume news.

For this report, we analysed engagement data from a sub-set of news publishers over the period of one week. Here’s what we found:

Audio increased time-on-site by 8%

For all users, the average time spent per session across our sample, without audio, was 17 seconds. For visitors who used audio the average session time jumped to 2 minutes and 4 seconds. This makes sense as audio gives the reader the choice of listening to this content whilst they scroll or do other things. This improvement, when compared to non-audio readers, increased average overall avg. time-on-site by 8% across our sample.

Audio increased pages-per-session by 10%

We collected data from 10 million page views for this sample. All users across the sample averaged 1.16 pages per visit, or per session. When we segmented this to see audio vs non-audio users, again, we saw a significant improvement with readers who listen visiting on average 1.28 pages per visit. Users who listen to audio are markedly more engaged than those who don’t.

Returning visitors favour audio by 52%

Not only do users who listen to audio view more pages and spend more time on-site — listeners are more likely to return. Across all users in the sample, 25.2% were returning visitors over the period of the week that we collected data. Again, when we compared this to the segment that listened to audio we saw improvements. Of audio listeners, 38.3% returned over the week, a 52% improvement.

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The best way to make your news stories available in audio.

James MacLeod

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COO @ SpeechKit



The best way to make your news stories available in audio.

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