Request for Startups: Voice Controlled Applications or Infrastructure for Voice-enabled Services

We had been looking into this space for a while, starting to form an opinion in a (never published) blogpost when Chatbots hit the street. While a lot of arguments for use cases could and can be made, we were certain that the advent of Chatbots was to be an intermediary stage for something much bigger: voice controlled applications.

With Alexa and Google Voice gaining momentum and Siri being introduced to the home, we believe that there is a completely new ecosystem to be created. If the advent of Voice Control (in the car, in the home, etc.) takes a similar development as Mobile, we are just at the beginning of a completely new era of interacting with computers. And yes, we are not the only ones that believe so. What has been striking over the past months is that we didn’t really receive a lot of pitches or pitch decks in that area, which is why we decided to ask the world!

The Landscape

To provide a bit of a framework on how to think about the type of applications we are looking at, we created a simple chart that reflects the breadth of the landscape and shows that from enablers and frameworks, to tools for creation, platforms up to applications, a lot of areas will be affected by Voice.

Our request

Send us your pitch decks, prototypes, products around voice controlled application and infrastructure for them. Anything from specific applications for Alexa to basic technologies or services around these applications is highly welcome. We can’t wait to make some bets in this space.

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