Online language teaching — how to become attractive in the eyes of students?

Online lessons are an excellent alternative to traditional tutoring. They are comfortable for both — the teacher and the student. If you online teacher, you probably use mostly skype or google hangouts. These applications have several advantages but also shortcomings, that will sooner or later become a nuisance for you. These programs are not dedicated solutions for teaching foreign languages. The platform has come into being -a free application that offers new language learning opportunities over the Internet.

Contemporary, student has a huge choice of potential teacher. Practically every day new offers appear from native speakers from around the world. What to do to stand out from the crowd? The solution is simple -offer more than others! Meet the expectations of the students, be on time. Young people expects maximum effects with minimum boredom. The more varied the lesson, the more interest the students. How to raise and keep them? You need the right tools, such as:

1. video chat,

2. virtual arrays,

3. interactive tasks

4. monitoring student progress,

5. The system informing about the upcoming lesson,

6. home reminder system.

Thanks to the above mechanisms you will be called a professional and progressive teacher, and most importantly -you will be cool! With technological advances and increased competition in the market, it should be noted that traditional video chat is no longer sufficient. The audio and video connection feature has ceased to be attractive. Imagine, that you and your student meet in a virtual reality, that was created especially for you. Everything is personalized and tailored to your individual needs. You can place movies, pictures, interactive tasks without the need for replacement solutions, without jumping between browser windows.

Remember that 80% of the information about the world around us is seen through the eyes. Virtual arrays will provide the entire spectrum of possibilities for a single click. This is just a taste of what offers. The intelligent system will remind students of housework and will also monitor their progress.

In the age of endomondo, pedometer, or FB ‘s challenges, everyone wants to check. Your student too! With, both of you will have insights into your progress, as well as the ability to compare with others. Nothing so motivates, how healthy competition!

Nowadays being an online teacher is a challenge. With modern interactive methods you will become more visible and desirable. Your offer will stop being one of many, and it will become exclusive. Take your student on an incredible journey through the world of video, sound, interaction -so the lessons you offer will no longer be a treat, and they will be a welcome treat!