Using Axios in Vue.js

Vue.js + Axios tutorial for beginner

Hyouk Seo
Hyouk Seo
Aug 4, 2018 · 1 min read

Axios is a library for http communication, making ajax requests, and so on. There is also a library called ‘vue-resource’ to do such things, but it’s said that it is not used well due to it’s slow update cycle and larger community of Axios.

Install Axios

Enter the following command line to install Axios.

npm install --save axios

Then add method in main.js so that Axios can be used globally.

Using Axios

Using a service called JSONPlaceholder, I’ll test the Axios I just installed. You can copy and paste following code.

Internet Explorer

Basically, IE doesn’t support promise, so you may need polyfill of es6-promise to enable it. You can install it with command below.

npm install --save es6-promise

Next, just add one line below in your webpack config file.


Hope you enjoyed my short tutorial about Vue.js + Axios. Please feel free to contact me — visit my LinkedIn or website, or just send me an Email to Thanks!


Hyouk Seo — Digital Product Designer

Hyouk Seo

Written by

Hyouk Seo

Digital Product Designer @



Hyouk Seo — Digital Product Designer

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