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Jul 8 · 3 min read

And just like that, June has ended, and the year is already half way over! But make no mistake, with all the announcements and news that filled June, we can’t be more excited for the months ahead of us! For Spend, June was primarily a “BUIDL” month. We plan to release new and exciting partnership announcements this month to continue our global mission of bringing our product line to the masses. For now, here is a quick recap of what has been up to this past month.

DigiByte Is Now Available

DigiByte is now available on the Spend App! You can freely buy or sell DGB with your linked bank account and exchange DGB with all supported assets. You can also Spend your DigiByte at 40+ million locations on the Spend Wallet by instantly converting your DigiByte to local fiat currency with the Spend Visa Card! Partners With Paxos announces a strategic partnership with Paxos, the first regulated trust company for digital assets. Both and Paxos are focused on making it possible to move assets anywhere instantly, as Paxos is on a mission to create a global, frictionless economy. has integrated the itBit by Paxos cryptocurrency exchange into the Spend ecosystem. This integration allows users to easily spend their digital assets without having to move their cryptocurrency off exchange platforms. The itBit exchange is a safe, secure and fair-trading venue with oversight from the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS). Paxos has also implemented best-in-class blockchain monitoring software to protect its users and their assets.

Binance Trading Competition

As we embark on our journey to launch Spendchain, an interoperable cross-chain payments blockchain, we are excited to announce that we will be introducing our first decentralized bridge for our ERC20 SPND to BEP2 SPNDB.

In addition, please find information pertaining to the Binance Trading Competition below.

  1. 2,000,000 SPNDB and 2,000 BNB to be awarded to users trading on Binance DEX
  2. When exchanging from SPND (ERC20) to SPNDB (BEP2), users will receive a 2% bonus in exchange (ex: 100 SPND = 102 SPNDB) for the duration of the event
  3. An additional 1% Card Rewards back and Wallet Rewards back when spending or purchasing BNB or SPNDB with fiat for the duration of the event

For more details surrounding the Binance Trading Competition, please see this link:

Spendchain Testnet Launch & New Logos announces the Spendchain project is now officially in a private testnet! Our developers are testing the blockchain, ensuring all of the features are working and are stable. There will be a public testnet when we launch the Spendchain Explorer and Web Wallet clients alongside a faucet and trivial games to earn test-SPND to try out Spendchain.

With this news, we are unveiling a new Spendchain logo, which will also be used as a new Spendcoin and SPNDB logo as well.

No cryptocurrency is loaded on to the Spend Visa® Card. All assets are converted to local fiat currency prior to loading on the Visa® network.


It’s easy to Spend! Learn to spend digitally and manage your funds with!

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It’s easy to Spend! Learn to spend digitally and manage your funds with!

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