Spend.com — May 2019 Updates

Peter Hertel
Jun 2 · 3 min read

As another month ends, another great month of building continues. May was an incredible success on our mission to bring digital finance to the masses with continuous developments on the Spend product line and ecosystem.

We are now officially opening the Canada region, which will start with performing KYC for users who have pre-ordered their Spend Visa® Cards. The actual shipping of the cards has been slightly delayed until the end of this month due to constraints from our manufacturer and processor. Nevertheless, we are officially starting our process and should be able to enable the CAD Wallet and CAD banking for EFT/Interac transfers within the next few weeks.

Google Pay is Now Live

We officially launched Apple Pay in May for all of our US users and now we are launching Google Pay for all users in the US. Spend cardholders can link their virtual or physical cards to their Android or Samsung device and/or watch using the Google Wallet app, if you have a physical card, or through the Spend App if you have a virtual card.

Apple Pay Shown Off on Apple’s iWatch

Spend launched Apple Pay for all cardholders this month so they can add their physical and virtual cards and shop wherever Apple Pay is accepted. Users even took it one step further and paired their iWatch with the Spend Visa® Card to enjoy quick payment options with just a movement of their wrist.

Spend Wallet v2.5

We are in the process of doing final feature additions that will enhance the user experience, specifically for the number of assets we support. Our goal is to hit 50 digital assets/currencies by end of this year and we need to make sure we can enhance the mobile experience to stay seamless. A new multi-currency menu option will enable users to add supported fiat currencies from their region and be able to toggle which currency they prefer to be quoted and view in the wallet. There will be a new favorites feature to manage which assets you want to display and in which order that also includes the widget pop up for iOS. Once we finalize these last changes we will submit the new builds to their respective app stores.

Spend Lists New Assets

In May, Spend added support for Ravencoin ($RVN), Basic Attention Token ($BAT), 0x ($ZRX), Cosmos ($ATOM), and Decentraland ($MANA) to our Spend Wallet for users to be able to buy, sell, manage, and spend more digital assets!

Binance DEX Listing

Spendcoin was voted in by the Binance Validators for the Binance DEX listing. Since listing SPNDB, Spend has built an interoperable bridge between our ERC20 version of SPND and our BEP2. Users can interchange these assets directly on the Spend Wallet for free at any time.

Bitsdaq Partnership

Spend was proud to partner with Bitsdaq, a digital asset exchange based in Asia with aims to create a co-branded Bitsdaq Card powered by the Spend Business platform to service their two million (2M) users.

No cryptocurrency is loaded on to the Spend Visa® Card. All assets are converted to local fiat currency prior to loading on the Visa® network.


It’s easy to Spend! Learn to spend digitally and manage your funds with spend.com!

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It’s easy to Spend! Learn to spend digitally and manage your funds with spend.com!