Creating a budget is often the most difficult part of most people’s personal finance journey. The budget-making process is often filled with decision making that we’ve been avoiding for months, sometimes years, and it genuinely is easier (especially for millennials) to live life without a plan than sit down and make one.

As we’ve all experienced by now, life certainly doesn’t go according to plan, and that’s exactly why everyone needs a plan. This way, when times get tough and decisions have to be made, you have something to reference and base those decisions off of. A budget is just…

Genuinely, the core of this article can be summed up by the following quote: “The correct lesson to learn from surprises is that the world is surprising.”- Daniel Kahneman.

No human to ever walk the Earth has successfully predicted the future of anything. That is a fact, and that is the absolute only reason that you, and everyone else, need a frothy emergency fund.

Let’s start from square one: what exactly is an emergency fund? Simply, an emergency fund is a large sum of cash that you keep readily accessible when something goes are in your financial life. …

Welcome to Spend Capital— the smart cash flow manager!

It’s time to get smarter about your cashflow and start getting the most out of every dollar; every single day. Spend Capital is your smart cashflow manager built to help you make better financial decisions and automate your financial life.

Let’s get started.

Q: How does Spend Capital work? A: Spend Capital is the software that allows you to take your mind off your money. It gathers and sorts your goals, income, debt, and expenses, then gives you a daily allowance that you’re able to spend freely without worrying about meeting…

Spend Capital

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