5 Advantages of Spendee Premium ⭐️

Are you thinking about getting Spendee Premium? ⭐️ Here are 5 Most Valuable Reasons for subscribing! ✅ We help you manage your finances in a comfortable way — and here's how:

1. Bank Account Connection 🏦

Every expense that you pay by card will get automatically imported and categorized in Spendee so you don’t have to worry about it. We’re supporting more than 2500 financial providers around the world — including e-Wallets & Crypto Wallets such as Coinbase.

Connecting your bank accounts enables you to save time & money by seeing all of your wealth in one place! You'll never forget to add transactions 🤓

Connect your bank today & you’ll get at least 2 months of your transactions imported into Spendee right away!

2. Sharing Wallets With Friends & Family 👫

Spendee is not only about managing your own personal finances. 😉 The Shared Wallet feature helps you manage your family’s finances, too! 🙌 Inviting members is easy and you can invite as many members as you want. Only the owner needs to be on the subscription plan, guests can use the free version!

Shared wallets are great for couples who want to track their shared expenses or incomes, it could be used by roommates who want to track shared expenses for accommodation, or simply by friends who are going on a holiday together and want to track who pays for what during the trip.

3. Unlimited Number of Wallets 💸

Using different wallets for different purposes might help you gain better control over your expenses. You might want to have a special wallet for non-daily expenses, cash, or different bank accounts.

4. Unlimited Number of Budgets 💰

Budgets in Spendee help you save money! They're simple — decide how much you want to spend in a given period and for which category. We'll help you stick to it. 💪 Budgets are always set as recurring, thus you can easily compare current and previous periods and see how much you are improving.

Unlimited budgets will be beneficial when implementing the 50–30–20 budgeting rule — as we recommend starting with 2 simple budgets: setting 50% of your net income for “Mandatory Expenses 🏡” and 30% of your net income for “Personal Expenses 👨‍🦲”. If that's too broad for you, read about the recommended budgets for specific categories.

5. Unlimited Number of Labels ✅

Get crazy with Labels! 😻 They add additional information about the purchase which can help with future analysis and understanding of your finances. 👏

With unlimited labels, you can use many use-cases at once! 👀 Give your transactions subcategories, track different occasions (eg. vacation 🏝 or wedding 💍) or label your needs and wants to follow the 50/30/20 budgeting rule. 💸 Are you interested in more creative ways to use labels? Get inspired by this article!

Bonus: You're Supporting the Creators 👫

Hey! 👋 Spendee is made with 💚 in Prague, Czech Republic by a small team. We love when anyone becomes part of our growing Spendee family! 👫

Go follow our Instagram at @spendeeapp!

We Have a Free Trial! 😍

Yes, you can try all of these features for free! It's great for quick analysis of your past spendings when you're just starting out 💚 Go check it out now:

Even though you have to input your payment information in advance in order for the trial to start, you are not charged for this period. You can cancel the subscription at any time during the free trial. Please, note that the subscription will automatically be renewed 24 hours ⏰ prior to the end of the current period if you don’t turn the auto-renewal off in your App Store/Google Play Store.



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