7 Ideas to Celebrate Women’s Day on a Budget

International Women’s Day is a beautiful celebration of women’s achievements and presence in our lives. All of us know women that are true role models to us. So, how should we celebrate? 🥳 It doesn’t matter whether you just want to spend some quality time with the woman you admire, or show your respect with a small gift. 🌷 All small acts matter! Here are some ideas how you can celebrate women’s day inexpensively: it’s not just about jewellery, perfumes and bouquets.

1. Buy plants instead of bouquets 💐

Are you on a budget? Plants are a great gift! Say goodbye to bouquets that only live up to a few days, make the purchase worth it. A small plant can cost you even less, and it’ll live as a nice reminder about your act of kindness. 🍀

2. Go outdoors ⛰

If it’s allowed in your area, spend some quality time outdoors. There’s nothing more we need right now than fresh air, and memories are often the best gift. Don’t forget to check the local restrictions when planning your trip. 😷

3. Have a movie night 🎬

If there isn’t any option to go out, watch a movie from the comfort of your home. Chilling with your significant other with a comedy, or educating yourself on important women matters: the movie possibilities are endless! 🍿

4. Write a letter 📝

So, this is a gift which costs you nothing but your time and creativity. Is there a better way to show someone your appreciation? A few kind words to your partner, family member, or a friend written on a paper have a high value. ❤️

5. Support your favourite artists 🎨

Don’t forget about other women who inspire you in your life. Choose some of your favourite female artists, influencers or any figure and encourage them in their work. Feedback is important to keep them going: don't forget, we need to give compliments to each other more! 💪

6. Call your mom 📞

Or any other person you haven’t called in a while. A short conversation strengthens the relationship ties more than you think.

7. Treat yourself with wellness 🛀

And that’s possible even at home! 😉 Turn off your phone, take a relaxing bath, get yourself a face mask and a cup of tea and forget about all of the problems for a few minutes. Sounds good, right?

But most importantly: appreciate every moment! There are so many things you can do to put a smile on your face or to make your fellow female friends enjoy their day. And all of this without exceeding your Gifts budget 🎁

Happy International Women’s Day, Your Spendee Team. 💚




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