How is Bank Connection Secured? 🔐

pendee Premium will help you manage your finances more comfortably — thanks to all the valuable features such as shared wallets or accessing unlimited wallets, budgets & labels. But perhaps the best advantage, that will save you both money and time is connecting your bank account.

Spendee offers secure connection to more than 2500 financial providers from banks to crypto wallet providers such as Coinbase.

By connecting all your financial accounts, you will get a complete view of all your finances in one place. You can connect your checking account, savings account, debit/credit account, or investment account, depending on your bank. Connecting your bank account saves you time with tracking your incomes and expenses automatically. Every time you pay by a card or receive an income transaction to your bank account, it automatically imports to Spendee. On top of that, every transaction is automatically categorized, so you don’t have to worry about manual inputting anymore. Considering connecting your bank? 🏦 Read more about our security:

We’re Licensed by Our National Bank 🏦

We’re under constant supervision of strict regulators, making sure that the security standards inside the organization are met, so we’re regularly demonstrating our own policies and safety measures.

Secured infrastructure 🔑

As security is our highest priority, all communication is encrypted. Whenever your data travels between our server and your phone, or we download your transactions from your bank, it’s done only through encrypted channels so nobody can see the data on the way. Once your data gets to our server, it’s stored and also encrypted so only authorized users can access it. We only use reliable providers to host our servers. Right now, we use the Google Cloud Platform which meets the strictest security compliance policies.

Spendee account security 💰

It is completely up to you how long you want to use the Spendee app. You can cancel or close your account any time by letting our support know or doing it yourself in the web app. When you delete your Spendee account, all your personal data, accounts, and transactions will be immediately and permanently deleted.

Secured bank connection 🏦

We work with all financial account information in a read-only mode to be able to check your account balance and download lists of transactions. However, we are not able to initiate payments or manipulate your account in any other way.

For banks connected via an Open Banking API, you login directly into your bank and we receive just an authorization token with a limited lifetime. In that case, we never get access to your password.

For some banks, you have to give us your password to be able to access the bank data. The password isn’t accessible to any of Spendee employees and is stored in safe, encrypted storage. The only minimum required amount of sensitive data (login credentials) is stored and only if you opt in to do so.

Try it out for yourself with our Free Trial! 🔥

After connecting your bank, analyzing your finances will be much easier thanks to the immediate import of 2 months of your transactions 👀

Even though you have to input your payment information in advance for the trial to start, you are not charged for this period. You can cancel the subscription at any time during the free trial. 🤗 Happy Spendeeing!



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