How to connect your bank account?

Tracking finances manually is a history

Spendee uses the full potential of technology to make it even more smooth for everyone to track their finances. With Spendee, it is no longer necessary to input every little expense or income manually into the app. Instead, you can connect your bank account and every transaction from this bank account will be added and categorized automatically. See the list of supported banks here.

Before I go into a step-by-step guide on how to connect your bank account, I would like to tackle three main reasons as to why it is beneficial for you to do so.

#1 Time saver ⏰

It takes at least 7 seconds to enter a transaction manually. On average, a Spendee user has about 3 expense transactions per day, which makes almost 100 transactions a month. That’s more than 10 minutes of your time, that you could save, if you have your bank account connected.

#2 All of your money in one place 💰

Connecting all your bank accounts to Spendee will make our app the sole place where you manage your money. You can connect as many bank accounts as necessary and make sure that you have every dollar you make under control. Since you can also create a cash wallet, you’ll make sure that even the expenses you pay by cash will be included in your Spendee financial analysis. Managing your money has seriously never been easier.

#3 Connect E-Wallet or crypto-wallet

Apart from bank accounts, you can also connect for example your PayPal account or Coinbase account to also see your crypto portfolio or your PayPal inflows and outflows.

How to connect your bank account?

Adding all your bank accounts is easy and can be done in only a few steps! Now, it is only possible through our mobile apps, but we are working also on web app integration as well. Please note that connecting a bank account is a premium feature, thus you have to subscribe to Spendee Premium plan in order to be able to add your bank accounts. However, we offer a 7 day free trial so that you can experience yourself how convenient it is to track your finances automatically. Check the list of supported banks, to see if you can connect your bank. To connect your bank account, follow these steps:

Go to: Menu -> Settings

  1. Scroll down to “Bank accounts” section and select “Add a bank account”
  2. Choose a country of your bank from the list
  3. Select your bank and confirm by tapping on a check mark
  4. Enter your internet banking credentials
  5. Choose to store credentials for automatic updates if you want us to store them
  6. Choose your financial products you wish to connect
  7. Wait for your transactions to import, it might take a while.

How to connect your E-Wallet or crypto-wallet?

  1. Go to: Menu -> Settings
  2. Scroll down to “Bank accounts” sections and select “Add a bank account”
  3. Select a country, you are currently in
  4. Select your E-Wallet or crypto-wallet and confirm by tapping on check mark
  5. Enter your E-Wallet or crypto-wallet credentials
  6. Choose to store credentials for automatic updates if you want us to store them
  7. Wait for your transactions to import, it might take a while.

When you connect your bank account or E-Wallet or crypto-wallet you have 7 days to try it. You will be charged only when you don’t cancel this subscription in Play Store or App Store.

Happy Spendeeing!