Spendee Premium forever? Yes, please ✅

For a limited time only, we are giving you the chance to buy unlimited access to Spendee Premium, so-called Lifetime Premium. The offer expires October 31st so hurry up to get it before it expires.

Lifetime Premium

As you know, we put a lot of emphasis on your feedback and we are trying to act on it. This time, we are addressing your requests regarding the subscription model of our paid plans. Some of you also wanted to have an option to pay once and use forever. That is why we decided to introduce a limited time offer, that will be available only until October 31st. For US$39.99* you can get Spendee Premium with its current and future features forever.

*the price differs from country to country due to different taxation; the price you will actually be charged is available in your mobile app

Use this perfect opportunity to get all present and future Spendee Premium features forever. And become a part of top users, who will have unlimited access to Spendee.

Here is what other users said about Lifetime Premium Offer:

I just want to thank you for life-long premium offer, it’s fa** nice! — Pavel


Such a cool idea! I just bought the lifetime, as I’m such a fan :) — Adrian

If you are still hesitating, check out a few features of the future. These features are what we are working on now and with Lifetime Premium you will have access to with no limit. Pay now and use forever!

Sneak Peeks to the future of Spendee

Take a saving challenge with future Spendee.

All Wallets Budget

All Wallets Budget is something that we will be releasing quite soon. It is the last piece of the puzzle in the current version of Spendee and we can’t wait for it to be released. Soon, you will be able to manage your budgets across all your wallets.

Financial Assistent

We are also working on a completely new section that will always show you personalized and concise information about your finances. Anytime you need to know anything about your money, you will find it here. It will show you real-time data about your cash flow, it will show you how you are doing with your budgets, and it will show you a summary and comparison and interesting facts about your past days’ expenses.

Financial Assistant in future Spendee.

Saving goals

Apart from this new section, we will introduce a new feature called Saving Goals, in order to help you save money for your dream vacation, car, or even retirement.

Spendee will enable you to create a saving goals for all your dreams.

Healthy Finance

We will also introduce a concept of Healthy Finance that is aiming to help you get your money into shape. You will be able to gain a score of your finance health with tips and advises on where to start to improve your score.

As feedback is truly important for us, please take a 2 minutes of your time and let us know your first impressions about Spendee’s new direction. Answer 5 questions here or click the button below.