Spendee tips & tricks for the beginners

During your first week using Spendee, we recommend trying out as many features as possible to truly discover the power of the app.

The more features you will discover in the beginning, the more time you will be able to save in the future.

Let’s took for the top 10 things that will make your life easier.

1) Connect your bank account or e-wallets

Connecting your bank account will make your money management so easy. Every transaction that you pay with card will get automatically imported and categorized to Spendee and you don’t have to worry about it. Connect all you bank accounts and have a complete overview of all your financial incomes and outcomes at one place and in one click.

Connect you bank account to Spendee and spend less time on managing your money.

If you haven’t connected your bank account because we don’t currently support your bank or because you mainly pay by cash, then we have few tips for you that will save you time.

2) Set up a scheduled (recurring) transactions

Do you have a expense that you pay every month? Is it rent, an internet bill or insurance? Add those transactions into Spendee in the beginning and set a repeating rule to them. To set a recurring transaction, first add your transaction — select category and amount and then scroll down on the same screen to set a frequency of repeating.

3) Set notifications

We have few types of notifications that will remind you not to forget adding transactions as well. You can manage these notifications by going to Settings
-> Notification settings.

Notification will remind you to add transactions daily.

4) Reorganize categories

Do you have a few categories that you use all the time, and the rest you only use occasionally?

Customize your categories by deactivating those you don’t need and by dragging those that you need more often to the top of the list. Go to Wallet Preferences (on bottom nav bar), click Categories setting and customize you category set as you wish.

Customize your category sets the way you like it.

5) Set a passcode

We care about your security, that is why it is now possible to set a passcode that will make sure that only you will have access to sensitive data about your money.

6) Visit a webapp

We believe that sooner or later you will discover that some of the operations are better to do through the web app. On top of that, the web app offers some features that the mobile app doesn’t have. For example importing your transactions, bulk editing or more in-dept filtering. You will be able to perform more in-depth analysis about your spending habits.

Comparing to mobile apps, Spendee web app enables import & bulk editing.

7) Analyze your income & expenses

After your first week, it’s a great time to check our Overview section in order to see what has been your biggest expense category or whether you have some expenses that you didn’t even know about. The first week data are only indicative as there is not full picture of all your money, so make sure to come back after first month as well.

8) Set your first budget

If you wish to save money, Spendee helps you with its budget features. In the Basic plan, you can only set one budget, but with the Plus or Premium versions, you can set an unlimited number of budgets for different categories. We will notify you when you spend 75%, 90% of your budget and you can also see how much money you can spend every day in order to stick to it.

Keep spending! Budgets help you to stick to your financial plan.

9) Try our paid features

Our Spendee Plus and Spendee Premium subscriptions will make your Spendee experience more flawless. More wallets, more budgets, and shared wallets are all reasons to try our 7 day trial. If those features are not what you were looking for, you can cancel your subscription in those 7 days and we won’t charge you anything.

10) Stay with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Medium

We love to communicate with our users and we really value their insight and feedback. In case you want to share anything with us do it here, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via email hello@spendee.com. Also follow those channels for product announcements, feature updates, user stories and company updates. And more importantly, please help us to spread the Spendee love :)

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Let us know your tips on how to add your transactions faster in the comments.

Happy Spendeeing!



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