Top 5 questions you are asking us

There have been several questions that you asked our support team quite often in a past days. That is why we decided to put answers to them in one place as they can be interesting for others as well. Not surprisingly, you asked us about upcoming features, about special price promotion or about bank wallets functionalities.

1. Can I set budgets across all my wallets?

Currently, it is only possible to create and manage budgets in the specific wallet, however, right now we are working on a solution that will enable you to create and manage budgets across all your wallets. We are planning to release this feature at the beginning of November. It will be first launched on Android, then on iOS (1 week later) and web-app. (2 weeks later)

Every feature we develop in Spendee is meant to make money management easier. With multiple banks accounts, different credit cards it is becoming very difficult to stay in control of your budget. Budget across wallets will enable you to manage your budgets from one place, helping you to always know how you are doing.

Budget across wallets are coming soon to Spendee.

2. Is it possible to import data to Spendee?

Importing past data to Spendee, is a crucial part of your money management. That is why we enabled importing your transaction data through Spendee web app. In order to do so, you need to have Excel or csv. file with past transactions and you need to open our web app. For every transaction that you want to import, you need to include category name, amount and date of the transaction.

Currently, you can import transactions to your cash wallets only. It is not possible to import transactions to your bank wallets, however, if you wish to import your historical transactions from your bank account, you can import them to your cash wallet and analyze it through All Wallets Overview in combination with your bank wallet. You can find more information in our previous blog post.

Importing your past transactions is a must when starting with money management.

3. Will you have a lifetime premium or similar offer soon?

When we offered Lifetime Premium for the first time, we were really surprised by your positive response. The fact, that so many of you actually got it, made us think that reduced price offers and special promotion are things that we want to do more often. So if you haven’t got your Lifetime Premium in August, follow our social media so you won’t miss the next promotion 😀 It might be sooner than you expect.👀

4. Can I share a bank wallet with someone else?

Unfortunately, sharing bank wallet with other member is not possible. However, if you wish to manage your shared finance together, you can do it in a cash wallet. Having a shared wallet is a paid function, therefore one of you need to get Plus or Premium subscription. If you are serious about money management, the monthly or yearly subscription is totally worth it. You can see try it for 7 days for free.

5. Can I add manually transactions to my bank wallet?

In fact, it is also not possible to add or delete transactions in your bank wallet. Your bank wallet should include exactly the same transactions as you can see in your bank mobile app. However, there are still few things that you can edit. You can change the category of your transaction as well as your note. If you wish to edit more transaction at once, you can use our web app to bulk edit more transactions.