The best 10 offers and free Shopify apps for October

There are 1500+ apps in Shopify Apps Store and this number is growing really fast. It is awesome that we have so many apps to choose from, but even greater is that the apps are becoming better and their prices are going down.

We are here to help you to find the apps and offers that worth checking out. SpendLess.NINJA ;)

We pick the best 10 offers and free Shopify apps and deliver them into your inbox on 10th day of every month.

Each month we browse Shopify Apps store and Internet to find out the most interesting, reliable and free Shopify apps without any hidden fees (yes, we install and play with them). Also, we look for the best available offers from Shopify Developers, like “a discount code to save 50% on a premium plan”, “3 months free trial”, etc:

1) WhatShare app — FREE

The app provides the easiest way to include a WhatsApp share button in your storefront, and it is highly customizable through the theme editor, so no coding skills are needed. With WhatShare you get reports of what links and products are being shared. View.

2) SocialShopWave app — 100-DAYS FREE TRIAL

Rocket your business growth using the best suite of social apps with an amazing support. This social commerce platform includes: social login, sharing, wishlist, reviews, community feed, instagram, automated emails, product comments, personalized widgets and more. View.

3) Happy Email app — FREE

Best free email marketing app to send new customers a welcome email from Store Founder automatically. Connect, make your customers happy and build trust on your brand. View.

4) Cymbio app — FREE

Cymbio is a result driven extension which turns your “No Results Found” Page to a new opportunity to retain users or monetize. It blends seamlessly to the results page on your website, and adds relevant results from your website thus turns lost opportunities to new ones by directing the users back to the funnel. View.

5) SEO Image Optimizer app — FREE

SEO Image Optimizer increases traffic from Google Image search by automatically generating ALT tags for your products images. Set once and instantly draw more traffic. View.

6) SEO Doctor app — 20% off monthly services

Get a free diagnosis report of the SEO health of your shop. In the report, it provides a list of the issues as well as recommendations for how to fix them. Get SEO expert help with 20% discount. View.

7) HelpCenter app — FREE

The most effective way to answer your customer’s question is to allow them to find the answer themselves. HelpCenter app enhances your customer support with an integrated knowledge base. View.

8) Infinite Options app — FREE

Let shoppers personalize products with dropdown menus, text and number inputs, checkboxes, radios and more! Create unlimited product options for any product configurations. View.

9) Email Before Download app — FREE

Offer free books, surveys, lookbooks, downloads to your visitors in exchange for their email addresses via a popup. It automatically sends download links to your customers. View.

10) Vantage Analytics app — FREE

Vantage is the must-have analytics dashboard that truly allows you to understand what is driving the performance of your company. More importantly, it helps you take action and optimize everything from your marketing to your shipping charges. View.

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