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2022 Starts Strong for Sperax

Thanks to the many incredible Sperax partners, the Sperax team, visionary investors, and the power of blockchain, Sperax is able to make its biggest announcement to date.

USDs is here.

Arbitrum now powers the first Layer 2 Native Stablecoin, USDs.

The hybrid, automatic yield-bearing stablecoin was launched in open beta mode on December 23rd, 2021. Users can now mint and redeem USDs. Please visit our app or read our docs to learn more.

The Sperax DApp

The first $USDs was minted Dec-23–2021 07:04:36 AM +UTC.

Product lead Subhajit Ray has recorded some easy-to-understand video tutorials to help all users navigate and utilize the app. Visit this link to learn more.

The videos can be found on Youtube, and through the Sperax Gitbook Docs where you can also find answers to many questions about the function of Sperax USD, the protocol mechanism including the SPA token, and other valuable information about Sperax USD!

Curve Integration

On Jan-1–2022, Sperax engineers integrated Sperax USD to the Curve ecosystem, effectively making USDs a Layer-2 hybrid, automatic yield-bearing stablecoin. After deploying relevant contracts to Arbitrum mainnet beta, the USDs collateral generated yield on Curve TwoPool, which was subsequently harvested and distributed to USDs as a rebase.

The L2 block number 4395857 contains the transaction signifying that USDs has passed all tests and can generate yield for it’s holders. This makes USDs the first auto yield-bearing stablecoin on Arbitrum: a significant milestone for Sperax USD and for DeFi!

SPA-USDC Liquidity on Uniswap V3 Arbitrum

There is sufficient liquidity to purchase SPA using USDC on Uniswap V3 Arbitrum.

Here is the Uniswap pool address. Check out this tutorial to ensure an efficient experience.

Sperax In The News

Sperax USD was featured in Coindesk, Blockworks, and Yahoo News this month, as the announcement of funding by Alameda, Amber Group, and Steve Aoki have led to an auspicious launch.

Sperax Econ Researcher Marco Di Maggion on Coindesk TV

DeFiLlama Tracks USDs TVL

Multi-chain TVL statistics dashboard DefiLlama announced tracking of USDs TVL on their platform earlier this month.

Check out the the Sperax USD Dashboard on DefiLlama here.

Speraxian of the Month: Ant Smith

As Sperax communities grow, we’re sincerely thankful for the contributions of each Speraxian.

Ant has been active in the Sperax Discord, and he has recently joined the Sperax team as a community manager! Ant has been captivated by crypto since February 2020 when he began investing and trading. Since then, everything in the space has fascinated Ant: researching and learning about new projects, getting involved with communities, and most of all, helping others enjoy themselves.

“Crypto is an amazing space,” he said, “and being part of the Sperax community has only made things even more exciting!”

To become “Speraxian of the Month,’’ all you need to do is be helpful and active on all Sperax social media channels, promote Sperax, and answer telegram questions.

About Sperax

Sperax is dedicated to benefiting all financial lives with blockchain technology.

Sperax is the open-source development team focused on building software products on the Sperax protocol. With the Sperax token ($SPA) at its core, Sperax has built the first auto-yield stablecoin, $USDs, and a suite of DeFi apps.

As always, please join our communities!

Sperax USD Twitter | Sperax USD Discord

Telegram: Sperax $USDs | Korea




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