Decentralized Finance Infrastructure Sperax releases its Economics White Paper and launches governance token SPA

Sperax Team
Jul 24, 2020 · 2 min read

According to China’s leading blockchain flash news website, Sperax, a decentralized financial infrastructure blockchain platform, released its latest version of economics white paper that covers Sperax’s financial network and on-chain decentralized economy. Sperax aims to provide trusted infrastructure for decentralized finance. On layer one, Sperax designed its original consensus module BDLS consensus protocol, which is provenly more secure than other top-ranked BFT consensus-based blockchains in the real internet environment, such as Cosmos (Tendermint), Polkadot (GRANDPA), and Ethereum (Casper FFG).

On top of it, Sperax introduced a financial layer, including a stable coin sCOIN and financial products, to enable developers and token holders to create an ecosystem that connects to the real economy and further promotes financial inclusivity. Meanwhile, Sperax governs the ecosystem with its original token SPA. Sperax ecosystem issues two tokens: SPA as the network token on BDLS and sCOIN the native stablecoin. Sperax is the first decentralised system with a native stablecoin.

Sperax’s regular SPA tokens will be distributed through private sales, public sales, marketing, ecosystem, reserve, team & advisor and partner. SPA is not only free to be transacted on Sperax blockchain, but could also be used to customize DeFi services on blockchain by third parties. This category of SPA has a fixed supply of five billion.

The second type of SPA tokens are the partnership token built by Sperax foundation. These tokens, with a fixed one billion supply, will be distributed to the partners of the network, such as financial service providers, payment gateways, enterprise clients and academic institutions. However, the tokens will not be transferrable or tradable.


Trusted Infrastructure for Decentralised Economy.

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