LIFTED Grants: Phase I recipients

Alec shaw
Alec shaw
Apr 14 · 4 min read

Hi, I am Alec, partner at Sperax.

Earlier this year, my partner, Frida, and I announced LIFTED, a year long grant initiative to be distributed to dedicated women building out the blockchain ecosystem. The purpose of the program is to provide capital and advisory support to early stage teams pushing the space forward.

In LIFTED Phase I — , we selected three projects for a total of $15,000. We were able to make this a reality thanks to our co-host Polyient Games and our partners The Bigger Pie, BEN, Meta Gamma Delta, Harmony Protocol, University of Michigan, Bit2Buzz and more.

Below you can find a brief overview of the winning projects and their goals.

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WildChain will provide for human-animal interaction what NBA Top Shot offers to fans of basketball.By producing unique, limited, officially licensed digital footage of animals produced by zoos and sanctuaries, animal lovers get exclusive opportunities to buy, sell, and trade one-of-a-kind glimpses of animal lives. These glimpses will be in the form of non-fungible tokens, called Rendezvous (RDVs) that leverage open-source, decentralized content generation and distribution on the blockchain.

The WildChain marketplace offers multiple opportunities to trade NFTs in the form of RDVs through activities such as gaming, contests, and voting. WildChain gives animal lovers and conservation enthusiasts opportunities to contribute to global conservation efforts, while offering unique ways to experience the diversity of life on our planet.


This is a 2-hour class about the CryptoArt trend, also known as NFTs (or non-fungible tokens). It’s meant for working artists, musicians, and other content creators to explore the world of NFTs and learn how to participate. Sessions will be held online, and may be held in person as well. Recruitment of students includes an emphasis on diversity and underserved communities. No prior knowledge of crypto or software is necessary — great for beginners and non-techies.

We’ll talk about “minting” (the process of creating an NFT), and we’ll look at samples of different kinds of work including video, music, fine art, and gaming collectibles. We’ll also discover up and coming technologies in NFTs, such as the connection with decentralized finance (DeFi). Of course, we’ll dig into the basics of what a non-fungible token really is (and isn’t), and how we can say it is unique and truly ownable. Finally, we’ll cover some key areas for artists to be aware of, such as royalties on future sales and intellectual property rights. Artists can ask questions, share ideas and connect with one another to seed creative sparks!

This will be a free,fun and educational class for creatives, meant to inspire, empower, and provide real-world tools to participate in this new ecosystem. For more info email Ann Willmott at Class sign-ups coming soon!


Coinsequence is a blockchain-enabled networking platform where students build their digital personas and secure financial aid for college based on their karmic net worth. Using the students’ Actions (i.e. time usage), Coinsequence generates their karmic timeline and awards them karma points, which investors then view through a variety of lenses.

The platform tokenizes the financial aid transaction through smart contracts and converts karma points into a stablecoin called Karma Token.

Prepare for LIFTED phase II with Sperax and Oasis

We look forward to supporting more women-led teams in LIFTED — II. This phase will focus on stablecoins. We have partnered with Oasis labs to offer a grant of up to $50,000 during this phase. We look forward to expanding the LIFTED community and supporting more pioneers in the space.

About Sperax

Sperax is dedicated to benefiting all financial lives with blockchain technology.

Sperax builds modern money with USDs, a scalable stablecoin that pays people interest, and a mobile app, Sperax Play, an inclusive and gamified community for its supporters, USDs adopters, and all Decentralized Finance (DeFi) enthusiasts to socialize with each other. Founded in 2019, Sperax is backed by Outlier Ventures and FBG Capital.

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