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Multi-Sig is Live | Updated Tokenomics

Sperax remains as transparent as possible as we build out our radically decentralized stablecoin, $USDs.

The multi-sig is live, with wallet addresses and allocation noted below.

Vesting Details:

  1. Treasury (25.00% of total supply) — The $SPA treasury will vest linearly over a 4-year time-lock, beginning from the launch date of governance protocol. The DAO will control this fund and utilize for future partnerships, marketing incentives, liquidity mining rewards, etc.
  2. Foundation (25.02% of total supply) — Foundation funds are being used to make initial markets and for future protocol development. Since the foundation lends the tokens to third parties for market making activities, the actual token balance held in the foundation wallet will fluctuate.
  3. Team and Advisors (9.98% of total supply) — This vests linearly over 4 years with a 6 month cliff. Vesting started on 3/18/2021 for existing team members. For new members, vesting would start from the day they join.
  4. Private Sale (15.00% of total supply) — Allocation of $SPA from the private sale has begun under a strict vesting schedule of 1 year starting from 9/18/2021.
  5. Staking rewards (10.00% of total supply) — This will be used to reward users who stake $SPA in the staking protocol. Stakers will earn fees from the minting and redeeming of $USDs, as well as staking rewards from the allocated rewards budget. Since the fees collected from $USDs minting and redeeming will be less initially, this allocation will ensure early stakers are amply rewarded. The initial proposal distributes these rewards over 4 years starting from the launch date of the staking protocol. Allocation for each of the years is 40% + 30% + 20% + 10%, with daily emissions of $SPA for the stakers. Emissions rate will be governed by the DAO and can be modified in the future.
  6. Bootstrap Liquidity (10.00% of total supply) — This will be used to provide rewards for liquidity mining during protocol genesis. Future liquidity mining rewards will be funded from treasury funds if the DAO deems fit.
  7. Public Sale (5.00% of total supply) — The public sale took place on August 16th, 2020 and 5% of total supply was sold.

Key Addresses

There are Five Keys for each multi-sig address. The team and advisors currently hold the keys.

This step towards decentralization will greatly enhance the security of the protocol, as 3 out of 5 addresses are required to approve any transaction.

The Wallet Addresses and Private Key Addresses follow:

Team & Advisors:

Wallet Address: 0x483fe01ed80ab597e7941b5c925739a396555d27

Sperax Foundation:

Wallet Address: 0xD95791bcab484C0552833cB558d18d4D3F198AF9

Key Address 1: 0x7C24305fE66A9fdCe2Dd79ad5c9C05C6082B511E

Key Address 2: 0x623Da6Ea0fcdCB74F49A0E15c2CfF48e0939162b

Key Address 3: 0x8129b94f9815426c4976Fd17F1EF6b5Cb72849C1

Key Address 4: 0x6eFcbcABd09cf425A2C5Af5FC6E319361F184a70

Key Address 5: 0xDcc2e5c874BBaA6d8F280B62dbf89D795F56f7e6


Wallet Address:0x4a692fD139259a5b94Cad7753E3C96350b7F2B9f

Key Address 1: 0x0f35e69aF4DB499dfb4Ee1BEc3e25BF48dE2A143

Key Address 2: 0x44F40CdadC467677B879f0B9b24F32EFBdfDF50d

Key Address 3: 0xF16D8df0B4EB41AEc45448f5ff029F02f57C4e5E

Key Address 4: 0x5e105655584d5a46496Ef97dE4f598CEc1E20EED

Key Address 5: 0x1C0EcD8F75B23b6C2dF310cDDc10DA7dd0734bEB

Private Sale:

Wallet Address: 0x2Fc8d8BCf4b2c0fc6594475E44c473AC3E844B6a

Key Address 1: 0x86bF4908fECE9A2Cf06cb5c63c2E6052bf7f3470

Key Address 2: 0xb355c82E617F776caa49285Dc84444dbc3BE85F2

Key Address 3: 0x00b47A4760B95499a515448345D3B07032196552

Key Address 4: 0x26e08309dFEDC5fbDC0525Dd03d5E88058574141

Key Address 5: 0xe0FC45bB27e0eb547afaEf88BC5F0bEC160797C1

Staking Rewards:

Wallet Address: 0xCD1B1ce6ce877a9315E73E2E4Ba3137228068A59

Key Address 1: 0x6B75bF5aC9e5eF2FD01660c3555Aaf015bA24439

Key Address 2: 0x25Ad2003447c3eb71Ff1F10c24724362838A547C

Key Address 3: 0x1332F05129B3736C58c10107Bd1463ad9707f297

Key Address 4: 0x20b82f7252004A188Aae819eD7E0cC3462fF7096

Key Address 5: 0x3C1f1C862375c6A7CDd98999ca9083Ad60857c01

Bootstrap Liquidity:

Wallet Address: 0x8B65CE3b4Eaa8958346096C3a9303b73f2012aCc

Key Address 1: 0x2FeA94E9e58EBB98F2fF6225ec32f2339F705b1d

Key Address 2: 0xD26F210b6cA2B4517bcF5025c7617e08238dAe1e

Key Address 3: 0x28c16b053BAC09d8ABc55d26bFB61d3f5A3C129F

Key Address 4: 0x2bA96477FE6D75295aaE72FF2370CA75e22eA8E1

Key Address 5: 0x6530Dd0879c85632527Cb97a65A7D4B60fE1fbCd

About Sperax

Sperax is dedicated to benefiting all financial lives with blockchain technology.

Sperax builds modern money with blockchain technology. With the Sperax token ($SPA) at its core, Sperax builds a crypto-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin, $USDs, and a suite of DeFi apps including a cloud earning mobile app, Sperax Play.

As always, please join our communities!

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