Sperax June Monthly Newsletter

Sperax Team
Jul 14, 2020 · 3 min read

Sperax’s mission is to make decentralized financial services available to all. To deliver that, Sperax BDLS consensus protocol ensures the highest-level security and performance with our blockchain design. Built on a trusted blockchain infrastructure, the Sperax Foundation issues a native multi-currency stablecoin, the first in the public blockchain ecosystem, to bridge the gap between Internet users and crypto-native applications.

June highlights:

  • We were laser focused on getting the testnet ready for launch by the end of July, an exhilarating milestone for the Sperax team.
  • Sperax was featured by the leading independent tech media website Hacker Noon
  • Co-hosted a roundtable discussion with Algorand in Hangzhou.

Tech updates:

  • Embedded Sperax BDLS consensus protocol into a mature blockchain ecosystem (Ethereum ecosystem) for testing purposes. Successfully generated the genesis block and the first few blocks. The complete embeddedness is expected to be delivered in early July.
  • Expanded Sperax blockchain ecosystem and embedded the current wallet system.
  • Constructed an effective defense mechanism against memory-based DoS Attacks from malicious Block Proposer.
  • Simulated the randomness in BDLS consensus protocol with naive randomness and tested the performance of the protocol.


  • Hacker Noon, a leading independent tech media outlet, published a feature story about Sperax — Enabling Decentralized Financial Services (DeFi) for Decentralized Economies. The article articulated that Sperax issues fiat-pegged stablecoins in the ecosystem based on market demand. By partnering with regulated financial service providers, Sperax allows a smooth fiat to crypto transition for users. There will be multiple stablecoins issued for different geographies. Sperax will not interact directly with end users but work with regulated financial service providers and OTC desks to provide liquidity for the token as well as to support cross-border transactions.
  • Sperax published A Stablecoin that Actually Works. The article introduced the current landscape of stablecoins and Sperax’s stablecoin, sCOIN. You can read the article here.
  • P.S: Search for Sperax on Chinese TikTok (Douyin) and follow us.


It’s been a month since our first batch of ambassadors started their position. Thanks to their contribution, Sperax community continues to scale. Meanwhile, multiple renowned projects reached out to collaborate with us.

Stay tuned for an announcement about a significant partnership next month.

Meanwhile, we successfully co-hosted a roundtable with Algorand in Hangzhou. The panelists covered a variety of topics, including how public blockchain organizations position themselves, blockchains’ current bottlenecks, consensus algorithms, smart contract languages, developers and applications, etc.

Left: Algorand merch. Right: Sperax merch (the four characters mean: get a windfall anytime)

July !!!

We are excited to announce that Sperax will host a joint virtual event with Harmony on July 9 at 9PM ET (6PM PT). Click the link to join the webinar.

In the panel, Sperax and Harmony would share our respective journeys in scaling infrastructure and exchange opinions on the fad topic — Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Furthermore, Sperax will co-host a live AMA with the Korean blockchain platform Talken on our Korean Telegram community on July 9 at 7PM (Korean Time). Click the link to join.

Mark your calendar. We look forward to having you!

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