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Sperax Monthly Newsletter | August 2021

Hi everyone,

This is Cyrus, Chief of Content at Sperax.

August has been a month of huge growth in the crypto world, and especially for us at Sperax.

This month, we have opened a 10K bug bounty on Gitcoin, our team is growing fast, and the SperaxUSD launch on Arbitrum is coming soon! Excitement brews every day as we prepare to announce the details of our genesis yield farms to a strong community of liquidity providers — Sperax’s Founding Farmers. Please email frida@sperax.io to be part of the Founding Farmers and receive early information about our yield farms.

In this August newsletter you will find snippets of fun opportunities to engage with and impact Sperax, with some important technical announcements in between.

Fun stuff first.

10K bounty & Xbox giveaway

Sperax <> Gitcoin: $10,000 in Prizes for Bridge the Gap Hackathon

Bridge the Gap is live now!

Developers can audit the SperaxUSD smart contract for a bug bounty, analyze our whitepaper, and work to build creative, innovative, and connective applications for USDs adoption. Total prizes are valued at $10,000. The bounty will run until September 14th. Build your team and apply for the hackathon today.

X Box Series X Giveaway

Sperax is hosting an X Box X giveaway with @weirdspotify. All you have to do is follow us on our social channels to enter the giveaway!

Check it out here.

Messari on USDs: a stablecoin with a twist

Our friends at industry-leading crypto research firm Messari published a report on what sets SperaxUSD apart from the rest of the stablecoin field.

“To date, we have not seen a decentralized stablecoin that delivers a native yield to its holders. Sperax will deploy collateral to a yield aggregator and regularly airdrop the yield to holders, giving USDs properties of a capital asset.”

This report succinctly aggregates the special stablecoin that we are all so excited about. Check out the report from @chasedevens of Messari here.

Sperax USD ($USDs) Timeline on Github

We are excited to share our published USDs Product Timeline on Github! While release dates are subject to change, we are currently on track for a September 7th public launch of the Sperax Yield farms.

If you want to get more involved or bring others into the outstanding Sperax community, our friend Fez animated a short tutorial to help everyone understand why SperaxUSD is so special. Check out the video here.

Sperax <> SmartCredit: add more utility for USDs and SPA

Announcing our strategic alliance with SmartCredit.io. This partnership is designed to drive usage of USDs and utility for SPA. Coming soon, users will be able to take a loan out in USDs against collateral on the Smart Credit platform, and SPA will also be listed as approved collateral for loans on the platform. Smart credit offers fixed term, fixed rate loans denominated in USDs.

Speraxian of the Month: Kki Li

As Sperax communities grow, we’re sincerely thankful for the contributions of each Speraxian. Specifically, we want to acknowledge a special Speraxian, Kki Li, for her participation in promoting SperaxUSD — Crypto-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin. We really appreciate your Chinese telegram community!

To become “Speraxian of the Month,’’ all you need to do is be helpful and active on all Sperax social media channels, promote Sperax, and answer telegram questions.

Thanks for reading!☀️

All the best,


About Sperax

Sperax is dedicated to benefiting all financial lives with blockchain technology.

Sperax builds modern money with blockchain technology. With the Sperax token ($SPA) at its core, Sperax builds a crypto-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin, $USDs, and a suite of DeFi apps.

As always, please join our communities!

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Sperax makes Decentralized Finance available to all. Visit us at http://sperax.io/

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