Sperax Q1 2021 Airdrop Announcement

Sperax Team
Feb 19 · 4 min read

This blog is subject to change based on new developments. Please check back here for the latest information.

In order to decentralize the power of future governance to the community, Sperax is taking actions by giving back to our supporters who have been loyal and patient since last year. With appreciation for your efforts, the Sperax team is happy to announce a series of airdrops for the current holders of the SPA tokens.

The total amount of the airdrop will be published after all rounds are completed.

All airdrop SPAs come from the Ecosystem of SPA token economy.

Who is eligible?

How does it work?

There will be three rounds of airdrops respectively on February 26, March 17, and March 31, 2021. Each round will start at 9AM ET. Here are three ways to receive your airdrops:

Request on Sperax Play

Hold your SPAs in a decentralized wallet (e.g. Metamask).

Hold your SPAs in a centralized wallet (e.g. gate.io).

How much reward can I receive?

Assume that you are detected to hold x amount of SPAs for the yth round of airdrop round:

Notice: all SPA addresses controlled by Sperax Foundation are NOT eligible for any round of airdrops above.


*How to check the random block height via Etherscan:

For round y, query the airdropHeights array variable with index y. The integer number you receive is the random block height for round y. For example, to check the random block height for round 1, query the variable with index 1.

More exciting events to further decentralize the Sperax governance and involve the Sperax community will come in the future.

Claim Your Airdrop On Sperax Play And Get The Extra 100% of Reward!

1. Download Sperax Play, register an account, and create a new Ethereum address in Play or import your existing Ethereum address.

2. Click the bottom right circle — “Claim airdrop SPA.” A window will appear, indicating your claim amount.

3. After clicking “Claim SPA”, your request will be recorded at the backend of Play and you are done!

Sperax Foundation account addresses:


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