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Matt Cooper sharing his keynote speech at Spero Ventures 2018 CEO Summit in Redwood City, CA.

CEO Mastery: Leadership Tips For Seed, Series A and Beyond

Skillshare CEO Matt Cooper shares insight on how to become a better leader for your company.

Great CEOs are made, not born.

Salves For A CEO’s Biggest Nightmares

“Sometimes the best thing you can do for your company is keep your oars in the water and let everybody else row.”

Biggest Accelerants for a CEO (and Startup)

  1. Communicate your company’s most critical messages over and over and over… “You have a channel meeting, then you send an email. Then write a blog post. Then another town hall. Then another email and write another blog post. The next day, people still don’t remember what you said,” Cooper says. “Go overboard on your most important messages. If people aren’t actively making fun of you behind your back, you haven’t said it enough.”
  2. …But know when to shut up. “Beware of adding too much value. There’s a tendency of smart managers and executives to do this thing where they latch onto another person’s idea and start adding a bunch of suggestions. Suddenly it becomes your idea that you have to execute on, as opposed to their idea that they had to execute on,” Cooper says. “When are you actually making it better enough to offset the degradation of execution from being their idea versus your idea? Consider shutting up and saying, ‘Sounds great. Go get ’em. Look forward to seeing the results.”

“When a CEO can find employees who will tell the truth and say it like it is, that is extraordinarily valuable.”

“As a CEO, the highs are higher and the lows are lower. But when things are working, there’s nothing better.”

In Conclusion

Matt Cooper presents at Spero Ventures CEO Summit, 2018.